People at Vetter – Clemens Wels, Trainee

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Together with the University of Reutlingen, Vetter has been offering the opportunity to become a pharmaceutical generalist in the trainee master program. Clemens tells more about the program in the interview.

Hello, Clemens. Please tell us who you are and how long you've been working at Vetter!

Hello, I'd love to. My name is Clemens Wels, I am a native of Ravensburg and I studied Business Engineering. Starting in February 2021, I did my practice semester at Vetter in Langenargen and then also wrote my thesis here. As part of an interns project here at Vetter, I first heard about the trainee master program and applied directly for it. And it worked!

How does that work?

So, the program has been running since October 2022 and will last a total of two years. The course of study consists of 12 modules, sometimes a whole week at a time, sometimes a weekend, sometimes at the university in Reutlingen, but also in Ravensburg. We trainees are employed part-time and work 30 hours a week at Vetter. I'm a trainee and I'm going through different stations, usually about three months.

Portraitbild von einem Mitarbeiter
Our Trainee Master Program

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Application for the Trainee Master program with us will start in April 2024 – then start with us in October 2024!

Curious? We invite you to join at the digital info event on February 6, 2024 at 6:00 PM! Learn more about the course of the Trainee Master program, the study content and the application and selection process here.

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What department are you in now? And which target area did you choose?

My target area after the master is production with the target position Team Manager. So I'm pretty loyal to my original training subject. I am currently in the Quality Operations Department.

How did you become aware of Vetter and why did you choose the Trainee Master program?

I became aware of Vetter via an announcement from my university where the internships were advertised here. Then I learned what it was about, applied, everything went surprisingly fast. The tasks were cool, the colleagues were awesome. The thesis in this area also went great - and then it was kind of a logical consequence to start into the next program. The great advantage of the master program for me is: you get to see the bigger picture! I get to know all relevant areas and better understand all the processes involved in my daily work. That's why I decided to do it.

Portraitbild von einem Mitarbeiter

A highlight I am looking forward to: visiting the USA in March 2024. Then we will work in the USA for a week and visit the Vetter Development Service in Chicago.

Clemens Wels, Trainee

Would that be something you would tell others first about the Trainee Master program?

That is definitely an important point. We are also a very heterogeneous group, with everything from business to chemists to philosophers. If you're a bit of a generalist, anyone can actually do that. This “mixed group” also makes working together and learning so fascinating.

Let's get really specific: What are you already taking away from the accompanying M.Sc. in Pharmaceutical Science & Business for your everyday professional life?

Learning to see the bigger picture, in my opinion, the most important thing: you can better think about things in the other departments: “Why are processes happening like this? What does the other department need to do their job?” You can improve your understanding of your own tasks and requirements in the other areas. Overall, both sides benefit. Very importantly, I greatly benefit from the practical experience of the lecturers. There are some from the industry, some from the theory and some from Vetter, so we can immediately make a connection to real challenges and take direct practical benefits from them.

What are some of your biggest highlights during your internship – what were the biggest challenges?

A real challenge: When it comes to exams and learning, you are under extreme time pressure, and you have to deliver real performance. Overall, time management is a huge topic: how to deal with the department, do your job and get everything under one roof with the dual study. A highlight will certainly be the stay in the USA. In March 2024, we will work in the USA for a week and visit the Vetter Development Service in Chicago.” Well, and so far the biggest highlight has been the graduation ceremony of our predecessors. To see where we will be in 1.5 years from now, to see what we will have achieved, that motivated me a lot!

Speaking of motivation, are you using any Vetter benefits?

Yeah, several even: First of all the EGYM Wellpass, I often go to bouldering with other trainees, but I also go swimming a lot by myself or to the thermal baths. And I leased a car through easycar.

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