Comprehensive analytical testing services

From your first raw materials to your release-ready batches, we rigorously evaluate and verify your product’s quality at key steps throughout the manufacturing process. Explore the robust testing methodologies we offer.

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lab worker doing material testing
Material testing

Verifying quality from the start

The quality of your finished product depends on the quality of starting your materials – which is why we sample and test every excipient, ingredient, and packaging component to ensure it meets regulatory requirements and customer specifications.

We use a wide range of testing to verify the identity, authenticity, purity, and conformance of incoming good we receive at our facilities. Find out how we maintain the strictest possible quality control.

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lab worker doing pharmaceutical product testing
Product testing

Robustly controlled release processes

Before finished products leave our facilities, they pass through rigorous, cGMP-compliant controls designed to ensure every unit meets the highest possible quality standards.

From microbiology, to bionalalytics, and physico-chemical methods, our product testing are always fully aligned with your validated specifications, EMA requirements, and FDA regulations. See how we customize them to your unique product.

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stability testing during stability program
Stability testing

Protecting your product’s safety & quality

Stability data play an essential role in your product’s success, from regulatory submissions, to global distribution, to long-term integrity in storage. We gather and evaluate that data regularly, ensuring that we’re aware of any risks and prepared to safeguard both your product and the patients who use it.

Take a closer look at how we tailor stability programs and storage conditions to your product’s specific needs.

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