Expert clinical manufacturing

From your first product batches to phase 3 scale-up, we provide the comprehensive fill and finish services you need at every step in the development of your injectable drug candidate. 
Explore the flexible, high-quality, technically advanced support we provide from our dedicated clinical manufacturing sites in the US and EU.

Clinical aseptic filling
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Our difference

Specialized manufacturing expertise at every phase of your clinical trials

From supplying your in-human trials, to conducting analytical studies, to securing regulatory approvals, your manufacturing needs grow rapidly on the path from molecule to therapy. At each of those challenging steps, you need a responsive, collaborative CDMO who’s committed to meeting both critical timelines and the highest possible quality standards.  

For that, look no further than the skill, experience, and cutting-edge solutions you’ll find at Vetter. We fill a wide range of clinical products in a variety of primary containers, with flexible processes and supporting services that scale with your product’s development.

Why we’re a leading clinical manufacturing partner

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Trusted performance

Our global team has a proven commitment to quality, efficiency, and customer success.

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API protection

We handle your valuable drug substance with regulatory and quality safeguards at every step.

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Customized outputs

We tailor clinical production to your needs, from a few hundred Phase 1 units to large Phase 3 batches.

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Decades of experience

We’ve built deep knowledge and expertise in every phase of the injectable product development cycle.

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Optimized scale-up

Our processes and facilities are designed for efficient transfer to late-phase/commercial production.

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Accelerated time-to-market

Our services can help expedite your product’s path to market – and to patients who need your clinical breakthrough.

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Our clinical aseptic filling services

With Vetter as your partner, our skilled project managers will guide you through key fill and finish processes across your product’s development cycle.  

Our clinical manufacturing services include:

  • Material preparation  
  • Analytical testing  
  • Compounding 
  • Filtration 
  • Technical and clinical batches 
  • Lyophilization  
  • Sampling  
  • Terminal sterilization 
  • Visual inspection 
  • Storage and shipping 
  • Stability testing 
Expanding resources and investment in clinical manufacturing
Looking ahead

Expanding our support for your clinical success

We’re actively expanding our clinical manufacturing services through continual investment in expertise, resources, and capacity.

Today, we have dedicated facilities in both the US and EU – both of which produce high-quality clinical trial material (CTM) for development programs around the world. We work closely with each of our customers to select the optimal site and filling line for their strategic requirements and product needs.

Facts & figures
80 %
of our active customer projects involve complex biologics.
200 +
active customer projects in preclinical through Phase 3 and product life cycle
commercial product launches in 2023 alone
70 %
of customers with clinical projects have <200 employees
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