Labeling & serialization

An efficient, transparent supply chain starts with every unit of your product. Our serialized packaging solutions give you the end-to-end visibility you need.

labeling and serialization

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Scanning a label on a package of injectable drug products
Step 1

Precision design, production, and placement help ensure that every dose meets your regulatory and tracking needs.

serialization service
Step 2

Linked and sequenced by our IT and secondary packaging teams, your product can be precisely tracked from release to patient.

Step 3

Combining multiple units into cartons, cases, or pallets helps simplify point-to-point distribution monitoring.



Track and trace
Supply chain visibility

Creating a seamless track & trace program

In today's global healthcare market, you need to know where your product has been and where it's headed at every point in your supply chain. At Vetter, we're experts at building systems that give you full visibility into your product's whereabouts.

Our track and trace solutions take the guesswork and estimates out of your supply. With our distribution systems, you can pinpoint your product’s location and follow its progress at every step from batch release to point of care.

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Program design

Customizing your dedicated system

Serialization standards can vary significantly by region, so we offer a range of flexible options to help you comply with specific regulatory requirements for your target markets.

Our experts will work closely with you to develop the right approach to serializing each sales unit and aggregating them in cases and/or palettes. This parent/child relationship helps ensure we’re able to identify the exact contents of your product packages at any point in their journey to the patient.

A full suite of services


Information about your serialized product can be conveyed through multiple data exchange formats and protocols customized for your track-and-trace program:

  • Standard data exchange interface (EPCIS) 
  • Transfer protocol (AS2) 
  • Transfer message (XML-based with EPCIS design) 

We protect data from your product's track-and-trace program in two different ways:

  • A dedicated SAP object event repository (SAP OER) for your product's serialized & aggregated data
  • Standard code extensions with additional ID attributes

Whether your product is aggregated in a carton, case, or pallet, we offer a range of linear and 2D matrix code options to meet different supply chain needs. Depending on the level of security you require, serial numbers can be generated sequentially or randomized.


Depending on your product and compliance needs, we can integrate sampling and testing procedures in two different ways:

  • In-process controls (IPC)
  • In-warehouse sampling methods

Our track-and-trace systems provide detailed product data from start to finish: from serial number commissioning reports immediately after packaging, to 100% documentation of all decommissioned serial numbers. You'll receive reports on all shipping events as well.

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