Typically Vetter

colleague smiling after a meeting

Many facets, one promise: consequently moving forward.

People who talk about Vetter as an employer talk about diversity, growth and perspectives but also about quality, trust and philanthropy. There is a good reason for that: Vetter has always been open to new situations and makes the best of them to achieve company success. At the same time, the company has always positioned clearly in terms of tradition, respect, for responsibility and sustainability. Our employees appreciate that.

And this is not all: They identify themselves with the original Vetter idea, which is to continuously improve the life of patients all over the world through maximum quality and permanent commitment. They have done so in the past and still do today. They consequently address the “impossible” to make it possible in the end. They question the status quo to later provide answers and develop new solutions. In short: Their thinking and working is typical for Vetter.

What can you expect from Vetter as an employer in detail — in terms of company culture and values, your personal and professional development or work-life balance? We will tell you on the following pages.