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Various requirements, one focus: finding applicants that fit

It is not a coincidence that today, Vetter is among the top pharmaceutical service providers worldwide. A unique development from a pharmacy to a medium-sized company lies behind us. We focus on our essential strengths: our high quality standard, our innovative spirit, openness and flexibility. Employees at Vetter can continue this success story and accompany us along the way. Increasingly, many interesting tasks and new development opportunities are waiting on a global level in the future.

Therefore, we expect the following from new applicants: They must be ambitious and ready to contribute but also able to work responsibly and willing to learn. Good professional qualifications (hard skills) are required in any case but also strong personal, social and methodical competencies (soft skills). Applicants for executive and specialist positions should additionally have a certain pioneer spirit, the ability to think outside the box, intercultural awareness as well as the willingness for change.

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Your career start at Vetter

You would like to learn about your specific opportunities to start a career at Vetter? On the following pages, we present our detailed offer for “University Students,” “Young Professionals” and “Professionals.”

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