Innovating injectable drug delivery

Novel and specialized medicines enable patients to improve their quality of life. Injection and administration into the body is a key component of adherence. Through innovation and development, the "injection experience" is constantly being optimized. Discover how we apply this as a service in our product development.

Produktentwicklung und -Design Pharma Sketch
Meeting with pharma managers to discuss patient friendly designs

Turning market needs into novel assets

Today’s changing drug delivery landscape has fueled fast-growing demand for new approaches that meet evolving user needs. With Vetter’s specialized position in the value chain, our experts are uniquely able to translate these emerging demands into viable solutions for both biopharma organizations and the healthcare system.

Our Product Development & Design service focuses on identifying new opportunities to innovate drug delivery, translating early-stage ideas into user-centric concepts, and developing those promising concepts into regulator-ready assets for Vetter.

The goal: new technical and operational advances that solve user challenges and create new value for Vetter and the market.


Principles that guide our innovation

Pinpoint users’ problems early

To identify promising concepts, we focus on understanding users’ real-world challenges and how we can viably solve them – and then gather direct, hands-on feedback as early as possible.

Innovate collaboratively

We actively strive for opportunities to jointly explore and develop new ideas with pharma and biotech organizations as well as other (cross)industry partners.

Know the regulatory path

All our new assets are strategically developed with conformance in mind (e.g., MDR, ISO 13485, 21 CFR 820.30, ISO 14971, IEC 62366, etc.).

Exploration & ideation

How we start new assets’ journey

For our multidisciplinary team of experts, new ideas can come from many different sources: customer projects, workshops, hackathons, industry and technology scouting, and more. We also actively engage with startups and innovation labs to gather their outside perspective and leverage their fresh thinking on real user/patients challenges we can potentially solve.

Once we identify ideas with traction, we move quickly to define the challenge, establish essential user requirements, and create a target profile that can be vetted with key stakeholders. Even in this early stage, we don’t wait to think about implementation: each new concept is carefully assessed for viability, feasibility, and market desirability.

Nutzerbedürfnisse werden besprochen
Human factors & usability

Aligning assets with users’ needs

User-centric prototyping and testing are essential features of our development process. Once we select a concept that promises to solve real-world challenges, we regularly conduct qualitative and quantitative assessments of its utility, usability, and potential to generate valuable intellectual property (IP).

Users and potential customers are engaged as early and often as possible during these early development processes. Their feedback provides critical guidance for our proactive, iterative approach, including user and design requirements, manufacturing concepts, prototypes, and more.

Entwicklung von patientenfreundlichen Systemen
Asset development

Bringing our new innovations to life

With a concept defined, requirements captured, and stakeholders aligned, we begin a rigorous, ISO 13485-certified development process– one that transforms our ideas into value-generating assets. Design controls, de-risking strategies, and human factors assessments are implemented at every step, along with detailed monitoring of project budgets and milestones.

The final output: new products, processes, services, and business models that can be added to our growing innovation portfolio. To complete its development cycle, each asset must achieve an optimal balance of market viability, technical feasibility, and user/customer desirability – a clear sign that it can meaningfully advance drug delivery to the benefit of the patient.