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A stable and future-oriented environment in a globally successful family business with the best perspectives and opportunities: You can rely on these advantages at Vetter. And many more. Because we care about the quality of life of our employees. That’s why we constantly invest in a modern work environment – as well as in your personal and professional training. Because we always focus on people, we continue to develop our employee benefits every day. So that you're happy to work at Vetter. Today and tomorrow.

Our promise to you

  • We work every day to ensure that you enjoy working at Vetter and find the best possible conditions here. We constantly invest in the modernisation of your working environment and in your professional and personal development. Here you can shape the future. Our endeavours – and your own.

    Thomas Otto, Managing Director

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    As a globally successful family business, we offer you the best perspectives for your career plans. We live the values that are important to you: transparency and fairness, responsibility for others and the environment, tolerance and human co-existence. You can count on that.

    Peter Sölkner, Managing Director

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Good for your bank account

Value for money: At Vetter, employees can rely on fair pay, which we regularly adjust. Other attractive employee benefits complete our offer.

Attractive compensation

Good money for good work: With Vetter, you earn according to industry standards – and with your permanent employment contract, you can count on regular salary adjustments as well as holiday pay and an annual bonus payment, which is paid out on a staggered basis depending on the length of service.

Shift allowances

For your dedicated commitment, you will receive profitable premiums: for your work in the night shift and if you work on Saturdays or Sundays.

Our referral program

Would you like to apply to Vetter, and one of your friends already works with Vetter? Then talk to them! Because when our employees recommend new applicants and they start working, our employees receive a generous premium.

Does good, tastes good

With the discounted prices in our company restaurants, you can enjoy good things in an even more relaxed atmosphere. On joyful occasions such as a wedding or birthday, we are thinking about you and give you a gift of money.

Occupational pension provision

Look forward to old age: With the comprehensive Vetter pension, you can already create the best conditions for life in retirement. We support our employees with employer contributions and hefty grants.

Travel Allowance

Commute inexpensively: To ensure that our employees can easily commute to work, we support them with a travel allowance or even cover the 49-Euro-Deutschlandticket in full.

Cheap car leasing

Stay mobile: With eazycars, we offer our employees a cheap all-inclusive lease that allows them to rent a car at a monthly fixed price.

JobRad bicycle leasing

Get in and get on more easily: With our JobRad, you can rent your dream bike, especially inexpensively, and even choose a new model every three years. Good for commuting, good for your wallet.

Discounts and perks

Our benefits for employees include many exclusive perks at numerous companies in the region, as well as many other discounts via the corporate benefits portal.

Welcome and well-being

As a family company, a long-term, trustworthy working relationship with you is especially important to us. That’s why we are there for our employees from day one, so that they be and stay well.

Help finding housing

Simply move in: We help you find your new home in Ravensburg and the surroundings with regular offers. In special cases, we can provide you with our Vetter apartments.

Vetter Onboarding

A warm welcome: During our Welcome Days, you will meet other new employees and make initial contacts. You will also receive an onboarding folder with the most important information.

Feedback conversations

Rely on it: We have feedback conversations every year. You talk to a manager about the past year – and your next steps and continuing education opportunities.

Continuing Education

Unleash your potential: We live an intensive culture of improvement and promote further education and training at all levels. So whether you want to study on a professional basis or want to improve your personal skills – there are many possibilities.

Vetter Insights

A benefit for employees and a nice opportunity to exchange ideas: In our lecture series “Vetter Insights – Gain Awareness and Understanding”, you will get to know other departments and experience Vetter in all its diversity.

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All about your health

The physical and mental well-being of our employees is particularly important to us. With numerous employee benefits, we create the best possible conditions for healthy work, your fitness and a worry-free life.

Occupational Health Management

We think about health holistically, with comprehensive offers that go far beyond legal requirements – for the physical fitness, a healthy working environment and mental well-being of our employees.

Supplementary health insurance

Better insured: We finance your additional occupational health insurance. This gives you many additional services, and you can rely on improved medical care.

EGYM Wellpass

Simply do something for yourself: With our company fitness offer EGYM Wellpass, Vetter employees can use around 6,500 sports and wellness facilities in Germany and Austria – flexibly and without restriction.

Vetter Health

Our Vetter Health Pulse Days take place throughout the year. Take advantage of the many creative health services, such as screenings, check-ups or seminars, for yourself and your well-being.

Promoting health at work

Safe and healthy: With consultations on ergonomics, screen work stations or ergonomic mice and keyboards, we help our employees to make their work environment as healthy as possible.

Occupational social counselling

We are here for you: Our company social services counselling offers you support in dealing with personal, professional, family and social burdens. Fast, discreet – and, naturally, in an atmosphere of trust.   

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Work, leisure and family in harmony

Full dedication to the job and at the same time enough time and energy for leisure and family?! One of the best Vetter benefits for employees is that we make it possible to balance work and personal life.

Regulated working hours

Fair and flexible: With different shift work models in pharmaceutical production and sliding or part-time working models in the office, our employees make their working time flexible. We collect overtime hours on a "traffic light" account, which you can view at any time.

Shift Account

If you work in shift service at Vetter, you will benefit from another advantage: the shift account. We fill it with a time credit that you can convert into leisure time and use as compensation.

Fair value account

Save time now, have more time later: In the Vetter Fair Value Account, you can collect unneeded holidays or overtime and, for example, go into earned retirement earlier.

Holidays, additional and special holidays

Better when fully recuperated: At Vetter, employees get 30 days of full-time leave. Also, additional holidays are available for a longer period of service. On special occasions, employees can also look forward to special holiday.

Viva FamilyService

More support, less worry: The Viva Family Service helps you comprehensively when it comes to caring for your children or relatives.


In order to better reconcile family and professional life, we offer our employees child care places in two Ravensburg daycare centres. If possible, we even support crèche and kindergarten places.

Vetter Kids Holiday Care

With our Vetter Kids holiday programs, we support all employees in caring for their children from 6 to 14 years during school holidays – and cover all or part of the care costs depending on the offer.

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Look forward to much more!

There are many other benefits for employees at Vetter. Here are a few more at a glance:

Anniversary bonuses

When we celebrate, we celebrate you and all our employees! That’s why there’s always a small gift for everyone who helps move our company forward every day.

Christmas present

Our Christmas presents are a special employee advantage at the most beautiful time of the year. 

Bonuses for department celebrations and excursions

Celebrate and grow together: We support department celebrations and team excursions with generous grants.

... and and and …

Want even more benefits? For example: catering vouchers for the Ravensburger Rutenfest, regular company celebrations, guided tours in local museums, free fruits at all locations, staff tables and sports meetings and many more.

Excellent work and working

With our numerous benefits, we inspire not only you, but also the independent German employer studies and platforms that distinguish us regularly. It's all very convincing.

Take a look at our awards!

Always up-to-date

New awards, new benefits, insights and perspectives: In our career news, we always keep you up-to-date and show you how things are going behind the scenes.

Take a look!