Secondary packaging configurations

Looking for a packaging solution that safeguards your product and delivers a premium user experience? Explore our range of customizable solutions, including sustainable all-paper packages and blister packs.

secondary packaging line
Carton with autoinjector
Paper trays & cartoning

All-paper packaging

We offer a versatile variety of carton concepts, including kitting options optimized for different injection systems, patient needs, and regulatory requirements.


  • Sustainable all-paper construction
  • Single- and multi-unit formats
  • Configurable for vials, syringes, and delivery devices
blistered syringe and cartoning
Blistering & cartoning

Sealed and open plastic blisters

Blister packs are a trusted way to add an extra layer of safety during shipping and handling, safeguarding the integrity of your delivery system from production to end user.


  • Single- and multi-unit formats
  • Enhanced stability
Device Assembly and Secondary Packaging contact

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