Corporate Compliance

In the spirit of fair cooperation

Learn more about the values and principles that guide how we conduct our business worldwide.

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Why are we doing this?

Taking responsibility and a clear stance

Being compliant with the law and acting in accordance with the highest ethical standards and integrity are integral to how we conduct business and help ensure its longevity. This is why we created a holistic state-of-the-art compliance management system at Vetter. It help us to identify compliance-relevant risks early on and take preventive actions to minimize them. They allow us to avoid potential misconduct and respond quickly and appropriately to actual violations.

As a successful partner of global pharmaceutical manufacturers of drug products – some of which are vital to sustaining life – we are committed to acting in an economically, socially, and ecologically responsible manner. We firmly believe that the key to a sustainable business lies in ensuring that people and the environment are in harmony.

How are we doing this?

Effective cooperation requires rules

Being socially responsible and running a sustainable and environmentally friendly business are our guiding principles. Our Policy Statement on the Respect for Human Rights (DE) and our annual progress report on the prevention of modern slavery, the Modern Slavery Statement are just some initiatives that demonstrate that we mean what we say. In these documents, we report on the actions we take to identify and eliminate risks related to people exploitation along our global supply chains.

Our Code of Conduct ‒ guidelines that we update continuously and to which all Vetter employees are committed ‒ summarizes the social and ethical principles that we consistently uphold and that guide our actions.

These guidelines also apply to the selection of and cooperation with our business partners. Our expectations to our external business partners are communicated in our Business Partner Code of Conduct, which lay down the crucial foundation for a lawful and trusting cooperation. Our Supplier Code of Conduct remains mandatory for all contractual relationships that were concluded before September 2023. 

Compliance is a cornerstone of our corporate culture and is underscored by regular training and communication. This is how we ensure that we continue to grow in a lawful and responsible manner, avoid violations and adhere to the highest principles. Our ongoing commitment to compliance ensures that we offer the best possible service to our customers and patients worldwide.

Complaint management

Using critique to better ourselves

Please use the following communication channels to report observations of compliance violations and potential risks:

Corporate Compliance Office (reporting system for personal reports) 

Personal reports

+49 (0)751 3700-1009

Contact form

Whistleblowing Hotline (reporting system for anonymous reports) 

You can contact the Vetter Whistleblowing Hotline should you wish to remain anonymous. This reporting system can be accessed by phone or email and is operated by an external neutral contact partner – an ombudsperson – from the law firm of Dr. Oehmichen & Partner. You may choose to voluntarily disclose your identity to the ombudsman but are by no means required to do so. We do appreciate open communication and would like to encourage you to share your name and contact information. This allows us to process your reports as effectively as possible. 
The whistleblowing hotline is available from Monday to Friday between 10:00 am to 5:00 pm (except on public holidays). You can submit your reports in English or German by email or by phone at any time during the above-mentioned times.

Anonymous reports

+49 (0)6172 13883-0 

Contact form

Assuring confidentiality and protection of persons reporting in good faith

We expect all persons to submit their report in good faith and with good intention. Vetter guarantees that it will protect those who submit their report in good faith from any retaliatory actions or other disadvantages.

Please note that it is strictly forbidden to share any information that is knowingly false or make accusations without reports proper justification. In assessing the given information, we must also take into considerations  the legitimate interests of the individuals affected by the report. Please consider that accusations against a person may have serious consequences for them. Please use the Vetter reporting system responsibly.

Find out more in our Rules of Complaints Procedure.


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Policy Statement on the Respect for Human Rights (DE)

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Code of Conduct

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Business Partner Code of Conduct

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Supplier Code of Conduct

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Rules of Complaints Procedure

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