Expert method transfers

Your test methodology will change hands throughout your product’s life cycle. Our scientific experts and well-equipped laboratories enable this complex transition to proceed efficiently and compliant.

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Deep expertise

Comprehensive analytical capabilities

From microbiological testing, to chemical analysis methods, and beyond, understanding and transitioning analytical procedures and analytical life cycle is a critical step in a successful method transfer.

Vetter offers state-of-the-art laboratories with extensive equipment for a wide range of services and methods. Our analytical experts have the experience and know-how to perform transfers of analytical methods to the laboratories of quality control in a results-oriented and high-quality manner.

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Laboratory compliance

Within the pharmaceutical industry, method transfer is a critical element of quality control in the drug development process. It serves to ensure that methods performed in one laboratory provide reliable results, even though the procedure is duplicated in another laboratory.

All equipment and systems used in Vetter laboratories comply with the applicable international regulations and user specifications. The laboratory personnel are trained accordingly.

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Open exchange

Close customer collaboration

When we move your drug substance to our facilities during process development, our scientific experts will work closely with you to ensure that the product-specific methods you validated in-house are seamlessly transitioned to or between our development or manufacturing environment.

Pre-transfer meetings for consulting support and to review method transfer data and clarify outstanding issues or gaps, as well as sharing transfer protocols during the implementation and the final transfer report are curial elements when planning a method transfer.

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