cGMP-compliant testing of incoming materials

When we receive raw and starting materials, our quality experts follow rigorous protocols to ensure that the correct products have been delivered and that they meet established specifications for their intended use. Take a closer look at how we sample and test your excipients, packaging material, and other ingredients.

Testing pharmaceutical material
Identity and integrity testing of pharmaceutical goods
Material testing

Confirming identity & integrity

At Vetter, we have both deep expertise and well-established processes for qualifying, analyzing, and releasing all primary and secondary materials required to manufacture your injectable drug product.

All materials are carefully inspected and tested from receipt to release, and are not processed until their quality is fully verified – in accordance with both regulatory specifications but also customer specific requirements (CSQ).

Strict quality controls

Starting & packaging materials we regularly test

Glass containers
Rubber products
Plastic products
Secondary packaging
Active ingredients
quality control of pharmaceutical goods
Testing methods

Comprehensive material evaluations

All incoming goods are tested by experts from our quality control team, which is staffed with scientists comprehensively trained on industry requirements for global manufacturing, release, and distribution of drug products.

The tests they conduct focus on multiple key material properties, including:

  • Functionality
  • Dimension
  • Appearance
  • Identity
  • Certificate Check
  • Other critical material attributes (CMAs)
testing material properties from CDMO scientist
Assessing authenticity of drug substance

Compliant identification testing

Once your validated product-specific methods have been transferred to Vetter, our skilled laboratory analysts use chemical, physical, and biochemical methods to perform identification testing of each pharmaceutical and chemical substances we leverage in our processes.

These ID testings for drug substances are essential to ensure your product’s conformance to specifications and enable us to detect possible impurities or adulterations that may be detrimental to the final product.

worker inspecting incoming pharmaceutical goods
Sourcing & logistics

Protecting output quality with input quality

With any pharmaceutical, the quality of your starting material shapes the quality of your final product. That’s why we select our suppliers with the utmost care and diligent vetting, and require intensive evaluation and regular auditing of their performance.

Our rigorous incoming goods inspections are also a valuable way for us to monitor and track our suppliers. All raw materials and components entering our facilities are verified to confirm that they meet Vetter’s high quality standards.

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