The Vetter Sustainability Report 2023

Growing sustainably.

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Shaping the future

With success comes responsibility

We are responsible for how our actions impact society, the economy, and ecology. We should cultivate a comprehensive and modern understanding of sustainability in the midst of global crises.

For many years we demonstrated our dedication to improving occupational safety and protecting the environment through our Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) program. Our EHS also illustrates our commitment to enhancing energy efficiency measures, operating resource-saving production processes, and treating those who shape our family business responsibly.

Well-prepared to face the challenges of our time

We produce high-quality medicine for those who need them. Meeting this goal – in times of international turmoil, alarming climate change scenarios, supply chain disruptions, increasing inflation, and soaring living and energy costs – is a challenge.
By proactively planning ahead these past years, however, we succeeded in curbing Vetter’s risk. We developed sound energy initiatives, created an all-hazards approach, retrofitted our plants, and increased safety stocks. We also provided unbureaucratic assistance to our employees by offering inflation compensation bonuses, among others.

A future-oriented strategy

Sustainability is a vital component of our Vetter NExT 2029 strategy program. We proactively develop goal-oriented measures for reducing emissions and fostering biodiversity, for example. We see sustainability as a development with which we can comply with the Paris Agreement by 2029.
Guiding our sustainability efforts are the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals, the principles of the UN Global Compact network, and the DIN standards on corporate social responsibility. We are proud to have already achieved Platinum status on EcoVadis’s sustainability rankings.

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    Our goal: to operate, grow and manage sustainably.

    Peter Soelkner, Managing Director

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    Social responsibility goes beyond one’s own company.

    Thomas Otto, Managing Director

Processes in tune with the times

Our processes are continuously and sustainably being developed; we also deploy new ones to strengthen our resilience. Certified sustainability managers continually identify new measures; departments work in tandem to implement them.

As a company with more than 6,0000 employees worldwide, we are involved in many social, economic, and ecological areas of operation with processes that we continually make more sustainable and modernize. Our internal guidelines and external ISO standards lay the groundwork. We monitor and track the success of our sustainability initiatives using our data-automated and integrated management system, comprehensive energy monitoring, and regular audits.

Protecting the environment with new technologies

At Vetter, we bear responsibility for protecting the climate and the environment. We set ambitious goals for reducing CO2 and energy use as well as for ecologically friendly technological transformation.

It is important to reconcile our high-quality standards and company growth with sustainable development goals. By expanding our use of modern technologies and replacing CO2-intensive equipment, we reduce energy consumption and emissions.

We have invested €8.8 million in over 125 measures since 2012; production at all Vetter sites worldwide have been carbon neutral since 2021. Following an innovative mobility concept, reducing waste, and using recyclable materials are just some of the complementary activities we partake in to protect the climate and the environment.

People in focus

We are an international company with more than 6,600 employees from 76 countries. We strengthen communal ties – locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally – and assume responsibility for those who make our success possible. We undertake numerous activities to promote equal opportunity and diversity and to harmonize family and career. We offer career paths, improve work safety, and are committed to society.

We are committed to the standards of the International Labour Organisation. By offering flexible working hours, a company retirement plan, and an efficient corporate health management program, we foster an environment that appreciate those who work at Vetter and what they achieve.