Commercial-scale aseptic fill & finish

At Vetter, our customers trust us with one of their most critical goals: sustaining a high-quality global supply of their injectable therapies. Explore the comprehensive services we offer for commercialized products, and how we can help you meet your worldwide market demand.

commercial manufacturing filling of vials
filling needles in commercial manufacturing line filling syringes

A passion for quality at every step

For over 40 years, we’ve been optimizing our production infrastructure for one purpose: filling parenteral medications at the highest possible quality for patients worldwide.

Today, our 3 commercial fill and finish sites in Southern Germany are equipped with 18 filling lines that can fill a wide range of batch sizes – from less than 10,000 units to as much as 500,000 units (depending on the primary container). We also support a variety of format parts and packaging material, as well as flexibly configurable processing equipment like sterilization and pumping systems.

The Vetter advantage

Why we’re a leading commercial fill & finish partner

Proven track record icon
Proven track record

Across our industry, the Vetter brand stands for one thing above all: globally recognized quality.

State-of-the-art technology icon
State-of-the-art technology

Our commercial production facilities are powered by cutting edge filling equipment and high-performance processes.

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Regulatory expertise

We know your regulators’ requirements, preferences, and expectations – in the EU, the US, and around the world.

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Production Excellence

Pursuing the highest possible standards

When it comes to our customers’ commercialized products, we bring our best to every process and output. Today, that passion for performance is more important than ever – as regulatory burdens grow and market forces drive demand for efficiency and flexibility.

That’s why we’ve established our Production Excellence program: our internal roadmap for ongoing optimization, alignment, and development of our fill and finish processes. From compounding, to material preparation, filling, environmental monitoring, and beyond, this framework keeps our services on a path of continual evolution.

Vetter cleanroom technology

Vetter Cleanroom Technology V-CRT®

In our highly regulated sector, fill and finish providers typically rely on one of two cleanroom technologies: isolators and restricted access barrier systems (RABS). While each technologies have their advantages, we’ve developed a proprietary system that combines the best of both.

V-CRT® is a best-in-class manufacturing innovation designed to meet our industry’s increasing demand for both quality and flexibility. A unique, patented cleanroom system, which enables us to achieve quality standards similar to isolators while still offering the flexibility of RABS.

lyophilized vials

Protecting long-term product stability

Today’s market has been reshaped by a growing number of injectable biologics – therapies based on complex, sensitive molecules that often have significant stability limits. As a result, lyophilization has become an increasingly priority for many new products and their production cycles.

We offer this technically demanding service at every one of our aseptic fill and finish facilities, along with the deep technical know-how needed to effectively manufacture lyophilized products in both vials and dual-chamber systems.

Visual inspection of syringes
Visual inspection

Verifying the quality of every unit

In our 100% visual inspection process, all final products are carefully examined after filling – and only pass when they meet our demanding quality standards.

We offer both well-established processes for manual visual inspection and automated processes powered by state-of-the-art technology.

Logistic hub with supply chain expertise
Security of supply

Meeting your global demand

We know patients around the world may be waiting for your parenteral therapy – and we have what it takes to help your product reach them at any point of care.

With our technical skill, operational know-how, and supply chain expertise, we’re the partner you need to secure a consistent, high-quality global supply of your valuable medication.

Facts & figures
filling lines capable of manufacturing a range of batch sizes
10 +
successful inspections by international authorities every year
50 +
annual customer audits of our facilities
80 %
of active customer projects involve complex biologics
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