Expert device assembly & packaging services

Autoinjectors, pens, and other patient-friendly formats are reshaping the market for injectable drug products. Learn more about the strategic, technical, and packaging support we provide.

Our device assembly and secondary packaging services

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Why we’re a leading partner for combination product owners 

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Your product’s integrity is our top priority. We protect it throughout the device assembly and secondary packaging processes. 

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Complex packaging

We have decades of experience creating customized manufacturing programs for injectable drug delivery systems.

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We offer a wide range of capabilities and services that can be tailored to your product’s specific needs.

Secondary Packaging process
Process design

Processes optimized for your product 

At Vetter, our experts can see the full technical, strategic, and operational context for your device assembly project. Find out how we build assembly processes that factor in your primary packaging, product characteristics, and secondary packaging plans.

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Woman assembles Autoinjector
Devices & components

Our versatile range of devices & components

We assemble multiple patient-centric delivery devices formats, as well as a range of components designed to support the usability and integrity of syringe-based products.  

Explore our available options and learn more about how we can help you deliver the safe, convenient self-injection experience today’s patients expect.

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Secondary Packaging pharma
Packaging configurations

Customizable carton & blister formats 

With our packaging options and production expertise, your therapy will head to market in a format that both protects your product and supports premium value.  

Take a closer look at our range of customizable options, including protective blister packs and sustainable all-paper cartons.

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Serialization Service
Track & trace

Labeling & serialization services

In today’s complex global markets, maximizing supply chain visibility is more important than ever. We offer state-of-the-art logistics solutions that help you pinpoint the location of every product unit and precisely track its progress from batch release to the point of care.

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Our world-class assembly & packaging facility

Vetter Secondary Packaging

Manufacturing today’s drug delivery devices takes technical expertise, deep experience, and state-of-the-art machinery – and you’ll find them all in Ravensburg, Germany. Our dedicated facility is where innovative injectable therapies transform into high-value combination products.

Steps from our aseptic filling lines, this world-class site is equipped with 8 automated packaging lines, 5 manual lines, and 6 standalone labeling/assembly machines. It provides cGMP-compliant services for markets around the world. 

40 +
years of global experience with technically challenging injectable products
15 +
years of experience with autoinjector and safety device assembly
of production space dedicated to secondary packaging

FAQs: Device assembly and packaging @ Vetter

What injectable product formats do you support at Vetter?

We currently assemble and package a wide range of injectable product formats, including:  

  • Autoinjectors 
  • Injector pens 
  • Prefilled syringes 
  • Safety devices 
  • Conventional vials 

We also offer a variety of configurations, including top-loading, side-loading, blistering, multi-product cartons, and more. Please contact our team to discuss the options available for your injectable product. 

Do you provide device assembly or packaging  services at facilities other than Ravensburg?

We currently handle all our customers’ device assembly and packaging projects at our dedicated, state-of-the-art facilities in southern Germany.  

Centralizing this service provides multiple benefits:  

  • Single point of contact and release for your product  
  • Simplified supply chain 
  • Reduced transportation costs  
  • Reduced risks from transferring your product between filling and packaging partners 
Do you offer any sustainable packaging options? 

Yes! We offer a range of packaging options that use 100% recyclable materials. Get in touch to learn about the configurations that may be right for your injectable product.

Our product already has an established device and/or packaging format. Can you process it for us?

All products assembled or packaged in our facilities must be validated on our manufacturing equipment and processed by qualified personnel. Reach out to our team to discuss the feasibility of these requirements for your product and selected format.

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