Autoinjector assembly

With at-home care on the rise, supporting self-managed therapy with an autoinjector format has become a top lifecycle priority for many sterile injectables. We offer assembly and packaging services for these patient-friendly drug delivery devices. 

Autoinjector assembly
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Why an experienced partner is key

Launching your product in an autoinjector is a technically, operationally, and strategically complex process – one where smart long-term thinking is essential.

If you’re considering this format, it´s beneficial to have a CDMO partner who has mastered both aseptic fill-finish and autoinjector assembly and packaging. We have deep experience in each of these specialized services.

Our expert approach

We use state-of-the-art machinery and robust customized processes to assemble our customers’ autoinjector-based products. Our approach follows three stages:

Step 1
Process development

Involve our expert team early when developing your autoinjector assembly strategy. We translate your requirements into a valid, efficient, and robust manufacturing process.

Step 2
Process validation

After successful testing and qualification, we complete the process design with the process validation of your specific product on our automatic manufacturing lines.

Step 3
Commercial handoff

Post-qualification, your fully integrated device assembly and packaging processes will be ready for commercial production.

Autoinjector assembly & final packaging

Ypsomate and Molly
Autoinjector formats

Several devices with fill volumes of 1ml or 2.25ml possible, e.g. Ypsomed-Ypsomate® (left) and SHL Molly® (right)

Ypsomate carton
Paper inlay in folding box

This eco-friendly format can be a valuable way to support your sustainability goals. Configuration: Folding box with paper inlay.

Autoinjektor in folding box with blister
Blister tray in folding box

We also offer plastic blister formats for products that need additional protection. Configuration: Blister tray in folding box

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Why consider an autoinjector

In today’s competitive market, the right delivery device can enhance your product’s value in multiple ways.

An autoinjector offers benefits for patients, prescribers, and drug owners alike:

  • Adherence support: Ease of use helps promote consistent compliance.
  • Intuitive functionality: User-friendly format helps patients confidently self-manage their therapy.
  • Reimbursement support: Added functionality can help drug owners secure premium pricing.
  • Market differentiation: All these valuable benefits can help sharpen your product’s competitive edge.
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