Educational Support

Promoting children and adults with Vetter initiatives.

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Learning is a lifelong process. That is why Vetter encourages a wide range of educational pursuits for people of all ages. We believe that even small efforts can have a significant impact on Vetter and the community. Whether education is nurtured under our roof, nearby in the community, or halfway around the world ‒ the efforts are worthwhile for everyone.

Educational support provided by Vetter includes:
Kid Workshop

Community-wide programs

  • Support for a science-based program (through funding of equipment for several kindergartens) that inspires kindergartners throughout Germany
  • Participation in nationwide programs such as Girls Day, which encourages women to explore professions typically dominated by men, or STEM initiative, which promotes careers in the mathematics, informatics, science, and technology sectors
  • School-based programs that provide students with job market information and support in finding their future profession
  • Power of Difference campaign: an initiative that provides additional educational staff in classrooms to enable differentiated pedagogical support
  • University support with funds for scientific research


Throughout Vetter

  • Approximately fifty new student apprenticeships start every year, covering a range of pharmaceutical, technical, and business disciplines
  • The Vetter Academy provides ongoing professional development and qualification programs for employees
  • Support for employees who wish to further their education by returning to school to gain an advanced degree

As a company striving for high quality, we understand the need for educational programs and will continue to support them.