Production Langenargen (VLA)

Located a half-hour drive from Ravensburg on the shores of Lake Constance, VLA is one of our aseptic production facilities in Vetter’s global production network. It has played a key role in our global success since 1998.

Standort Vetter Langenargen
Bild in der Produktion am Standort Langenargen

Versatile aseptic filling support

VLA is home to 4 of Vetter’s 20 active filling lines, including resources to process both liquid and lyophilized products in vials and syringes. 

Key features & resources:

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Expanded aseptic filling capacity

Further optimization of VLA will be a critical step in our ongoing infrastructure expansion – an investment that already spans all of our locations.

Two additional filling lines will be activated at this facility in the coming years, with both focused on pre-sterilized syringes.

More about VLA

Facility resources & capabilities

4 filling lines

Class 100: vials (liquid/lyo), bulk single-chamber syringes, dual-chamber syringes (liquid/lyo)

2 weighing rooms

Class 100,000

5 compounding rooms

Class 100,000

Max line speed

~10,000 units/hr

Max batch size

400,000 units

Facts & figures
production employees on-site
41.5 MM
injectable product units filled in 2022
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Address & contact info

Eisenbahnstrasse 2-4

88085 Langenargen


+49 (0)751 3700 0

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