Production Ravensburg Schuetzenstrasse (SST)

The longest-serving facility in our network, SST has been a cornerstone of our aseptic filling business since 1971. Also home to our global headquarters and the Vetter Development Service Ravensburg, this important site is currently undergoing a major upcoming expansion of our aseptic filling resources.

Vetter Standort Ravensburg Headquarter
Woman in production controlling a vial

Going strong for over 40 years

As Vetter’s very first production site, SST links our legacy of innovation and quality to our future as a globally-acting CDMO. Today, it serves as a hub for multiple different teams and functions – including one of our global aseptic filling facilities and the Ravensburg location of Vetter Development Service.

Key features & resources:

  • Aseptic filling facilities
  • Vetter Development Service laboratories
  • Chemical analysis and Microbiology

A standard-setting modernisation

SST is currently undergoing an intensive, multi-year modernization effort that will substantially expand our production capacity.


  • New production facilitiy

  • Implementation of several filling lines over the next years

More about SST

Facility resources & capabilities

8 filling lines

Class 100, single-chamber syringes (bulk & pre-sterilized), dual-chamber syringes (liquid/lyo), single-chamber cartridges

3 weighing rooms

Class 100,000

3 compounding rooms

Class 100,000

Max line speed

~11,000 units/hr

Max batch size

250,000 units

Facts & figures
40 +
years in continuous operation
production employees on-site
53 MM
injectable product units filled in 2023
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Address & contact info

Schützenstrasse 87

88212 Ravensburg


+49 (0)751 3700 0

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