Typically Vetter


Eine Mitarbeiterin in Laborkleidung im Labor

Numerous actions, one objective: sharing growth with our employees

Dynamically growing by oneself and offering our employees numerous opportunities to accompany the company on its success course is also typical for Vetter. This means that, if you want, you can quickly contribute in a wide field of activities, fully develop your individual potential and advance in the company. To make this work even better, we have a wide range of targeted opportunities for promotion — no matter whether you join us as a student, as your first job after graduation or as an experienced expert.

An important career culture is the Vetter Academy. It includes different internal advanced training offers to support personal learning and development paths. The intention is to effectively develop your competencies through tailor-made training courses and to cement the know-how gained in the long term.

Vetter Academy: advancing based on our four competency columns. How can entrepreneurial and strategic acting and process-oriented thinking be promoted? How can it be achieved that that personal development does not get the short end of the stick? Our answer to all these questions is: Vetter Academy. It offers a wide range of special training courses and workshops for specialist development based on our four columns “Personality and social competencies,” “Shaping competencies,” “Leadership competencies” and “Vetter-specific competencies.”

The training courses are held by our four in-house trainers. Moreover, the Vetter Academy also offers seminars for personal development, covering issues such as communication, leadership or cooperation in the team. In doing so, we make an important contribution to a targeted and, above all, sustainable personnel and organizational development.