Diversity at Vetter: Ramadan Alkeefo, working student

Portraitbild von einem Mitarbeiter

After fleeing Syria and the war; Ramadan Alkeefo pursued higher education. Even though he has only been in Germany for less than eight years, he has already accomplished a great deal.

Who are you and what is your role at Vetter?

My name is Ramadan Alkeefo. I am a working student in the Vetter Optimization System department and part of the Operational Excellence team. Our focus is on enhancing value-adding processes. At Vetter, I completed my internship semester and followed that with my bachelor's thesis. I am currently pursuing a master's in Digital Business at the University of Applied Sciences Ravensburg-Weingarten.

How did you end up working for Vetter?

I’ve only been in Germany for seven and half years; I had to flee Syria because of the war. Education is really important to me and I wanted to build a good foundation for a professional career, so I set my sights on going to university and enrolled in Weingarten. I came into contact with Vetter when I was looking for an internship for my practical semester, and that’s how I starting working here.

What’s your perspective on the topic “diversity” at Vetter?

Right from the get-go, I saw a great deal of open-mindedness at Vetter, which made my start easier. I like the diversity and the international teams. The Vetter culture opens the doors to many possibilities – it doesn’t matter where you come from.

Portraitbild von einem Mitarbeiter

Be interested in other people and keep an open mind about how enriching diversity can be.

Ramadan Alkeefo, working student

Has a particular “diversity moment” stood out to you?

Nothing stood out in particular, it was more that the big picture was right from the start. I was quickly given responsibility and trust. I was able to work on my Bachelor thesis project independently and turn it into a paper, for example.

What role does diversity play in your private life?

With my background, there is no escaping the matter. After my escape, I was taken in by a German host family and I experienced firsthand how much strength genuine hospitality can give you. I immediately made an effort to learn the German language and understand the culture. Meanwhile, I've an eclectic group of friends and we get on so well precisely because we treat each other as equals and we don't judge each other because of how we look or where we come from.

What suggestions do you have for making diversity a success?

Be interested in others as individuals and keep an open mind about how enriching diversity can be. There is more to it than language. When I arrived, I immediately joined a sports club and saw how community and team spirit can grow through soccer, even if the linguistic understanding is not yet quite up to par.

We are diversity

We at Vetter stand for diversity, equal rights, and equal opportunities. We are convinced: It is our diversity that makes us strong.

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