People at Vetter – Jan Elsässer, IT Team Leader

Portraitbild von einem Mitarbeiter

Jan works at Vetter as an IT Team Leader. How did he get there and what was his best experience at Vetter?

Who are you and what do you do at Vetter?

My name is Jan Elsässer, I am 26 years old and I'm with Vetter as an IT Team Leader.

Why did you choose this job?

It's the classic story. I was a big computer fan when I was a kid and a teenager, and I worked on how to install programs and how the hardware works. So it was pretty clear to me early on where my career was going.

What did you do before your time with Vetter?

Just school. After graduating from secondary school, I searched for an apprenticeship as an IT specialist and found one with Vetter. After three years of training, I worked for almost six years on the team that I have run since 2021.

What does a typical workday look like for you?

Sitting in a chair and chatting about smart things. Joking aside, as a team leader, I am responsible for coordinating and leading employees, less for operational use on hardware and software. I have meetings, assess issues, and put our strengths together to resolve issues quickly and thoroughly.

What should people know how to do particularly well in this job?

It is very important that we work carefully. We are responsible for foundation of the entire company, if we make serious mistakes, we can cripple everything. We also need quality awareness, but that applies to everyone at Vetter. And then I would also mention the willingness to be interested in current technological developments.

Portraitbild von einem Mitarbeiter

The world of IT turns quickly. The great thing is that it never gets boring. You keep discovering new things, keep having new experiences, keep gathering new insights and synthesize it all to consistently develop and keep IT up to date.

Jan Elsässer, Team Leader IT

What does your team look like?

That it's a real team. It's a well-oiled machine, so we never need a long time to bring new arrivals on board and integrate them.

What challenges does your job bring?

I have already said that we are responsible for the infrastructure, i.e., the foundation. For every server, every router, every network cable that's here. However, the most important challenges are IT security and digitization. We help to make Vetter digitally safe and fit for the future.

Why does Vetter fit well with you?

Because here, I can do the job I've always wanted to do. And because I found the perfect conditions for personal development. From apprentice to team leader in less than ten years – that's certainly not possible everywhere.

There are the benefits here at Vetter. Do you use them?

Yes. Above all, I like the Well Pass, which means access to gyms and sports classes. If you have to sit a lot in the job, it's great to be able to work out regularly to compensate.

What's your best experience with Vetter?

There's not that one experience, rather that I keep developing. And that’s the joy of getting people together for every problem within IT, but also in cooperation with the other specialist departments, who can solve it quickly and efficiently.