People at Vetter – Veronika Hartel, lab technician

Portraitbild einer Mitarbeiterin

Veronika Hartel works as an analyst in cleaning validation and gives you insights into her day-to-day work.

Who are you and what do you do at Vetter?

My name is Veronika Hartel, at Vetter, I work as an analyst in cleaning validation. That maybe sounds a little complicated; I'm a lab technician.

How did you start down this job path?

Chemical laboratory technician is a trained profession. Through an open house one day, I became aware of Vetter and so came up with the idea of doing this training. Of course, I was even more excited, because I actually had my apprenticeship and was subsequently taken on directly into my desired department.

What did you do before that?

There's actually no big history in my case because my career started with training.

What does a typical workday look like for you?

I usually like to start early, right at 7 AM. There are two essential tasks in my job: Firstly, rehearsing what we do as a couple in a team. We collect wiping and rinsing samples after cleaning the equipment for goods involved in pharmaceutical production. In the laboratory, we then test these samples for impurities. So it's about making sure that our production meets all hygienic standards.

What should people know how to do particularly well in this job?

So first of all, we have to be flexible, because every day for us is always a bit different from the previous one. Then it is absolutely important to be able to work as a team, because on the one hand, we work as a team, and on the other hand, we have to deal with people from production with whom we work together on optimal conditions. And a third point would be adherence to deadlines. It is absolutely crucial for us to deliver results right on time.

What else did you have to learn for yourself?

Because I slipped into here directly from my training, I learned everything “on the job” in principle. But of course, a laboratory is always evolving, and I am looking forward to new methods and new procedures that will help us to ensure the reliability of production.

Portraitbild einer Mitarbeiterin

I like Vetter very much, the atmosphere in the team and it's nice to be in contact with colleagues from other areas. And the change is right!

Veronika Hartel, lab technician

What's your best experience with Vetter?

That would be the apprentice hut during my apprenticeship, where we apprentices would come together, relax and spend a weekend together. This is a cool example of how you have personal development prospects in mind over and above the job.

There are the benefits here at Vetter. Do you use them?

Of course. With the “Jobrad” [Job bike] offer, I got myself an e-bike for leisure time. I also make use of the supplementary health insurance.

Why would you recommend your job to other people?

Definitely, because it varies. And then also, because you'll find more and more perspectives in a company like Vetter after your training. For example, in addition to my profession, I also do distance learning, which is well compatible with work and I am allowed to implement the contents of my studies directly at Vetter.