From the Pharmacy to Vetter in Compounding

Portraitbild einer Mitarbeiterin in der Lösungsherstellung

My name is Renate Faas, I'm 57 years old and I've just finished my trial period at Vetter. I can already hear you asking: "trial period?" Yes, I have decided to change jobs for the last third of my career!

How I came to Vetter

My dream of working at Vetter would not have come true without my son. I am a pharmaceutical-technical assistant and have worked in this profession in a pharmacy for 33 years. Every now and then I thought about wanting to go to Vetter and finding out what it’s like to work in a large company. But then it just never happened. Until a twist of fate changed my trajectory completely. Suddenly we were back to square one, and my son said to me, "This is also an opportunity. Why don't you apply for a job where you've always wanted to apply?

My typical day in the job

I began working in compounding by being an assistant. There, our various tasks that are organized into different stations. These include, for example, weighing the ingredients that are delivered to us, preparing the equipment, and then the compounding itself, i.e. manufacturing the finished products. You need authorization to work at all of these stations. My work as an assistant helps me obtain approval for the other tasks.

My wish came true

When I look back on my career, I see that I found a path that suits me. I enjoyed working in the pharmacy and having direct contact with and advising and attending to people. I have also always wanted to take a step closer to the source and take part in producing medicine.

My new challenges

I realize that throughout my entire professional life, I’ve been exposed to the qualities that are needed here. So not much has changed in that respect, but a lot has changed for me personally. I like being flexible, and here it’s a sought-after trait. I can grasp things quickly and set my own priorities, both of which are valued here.

Arrived at Vetter

Although I haven't been with the company for very long, I already feel the difference to my previous job: my team made me feel welcome from day one and supported me in carrying out my tasks during the production process. I really like the social aspect. Here I come into contact with lots of people from many different backgrounds and I welcome the opportunity to share with and learn from others.

My plans and goals

Right now, I’m enjoying experiencing that it’s never too late to take on a new challenge. I embrace it and am working towards being able to do all the stages of compounding in the future.

Portraitbild einer Mitarbeiterin in der Lösungsherstellung

About the author

Name: Renate Faas

Job: Employee in compounding

Late shift or early shift? I like getting up early, so, “Early!”

Team player or lone warrior? What we do is best done as a team!

Do you follow your head or your heart? This job requires precision. So, head.