A Passion for Mechanics

Portraitbild von einem Mitarbeiter in der Produktion

Hi, I'm Mathias Fischer and I work as a mechanic at Vetter. Maybe that's an interesting perspective for you, too. That's why I'm gonna tell you a little bit about my job.

How I came to Vetter

I had two completed apprenticeships in my pocket: machining mechanic and auto mechanic. But I wasn't thinking about the small workshop around the corner – I wanted to work in the industry. I stumbled over Vetter during ice hockey - they had their advertisements at the rink. On the website, I discovered that mechanics were being sought here. It was a great opportunity, and the application worked out right away.

My typical day in the job

An important point for mechanics here with us is that we work in the clean room, i.e., under very hygienic, germ-free conditions. You have to get used to it first, for example, how to move in protective clothing. In addition, my working hours change, I work in shifts, even on the weekends. I am responsible for ensuring that the system with which we fill pharmaceutical products here runs according to the respective order. Each project requires its own configuration and we technically implement it.

Ein Mitarbeiter in aseptischer Kleidung der auf einen Bildschirm an einer Maschine tippt

My team and I in action

My team and I are there for the entire duration of a project. At the beginning, we refurbish the system to the desired requirements. When it is being produced, we are on site to repair faults or make repairs. And at the end, we put the system back to the previous state to keep it ready for the next projects. By the way, that also means a lot of responsibility, because production is at the heart of the company and it is our job to make sure that it works.

A Job with Meaning

I'm a mechanic out of passion, but there's something very special about it: the products we make help people and maybe even save their lives. I keep that in mind and appreciate that I can do something meaningful.

Daily changing challenges

What do I like about Vetter? That it is a big company, characterized by good cooperation. For example, I work in a permanent team of eight mechanics, and it’s fun to master the challenges that change every day together. In addition, a company of this size offers employees many benefits that the small business around the corner could not organize.

Plans for the future

With Vetter, it is part of the company’s culture to promote further development, and that is not an empty promise, you experience that for yourself in concrete terms. New tasks have been given to me. Today, for example, I am constantly working on new colleagues. And I already have other goals. I am interested in the expanded role profile of the job “Mechanic 2”, which is being set up here.

Portraitbild von einem Mitarbeiter in der Produktion

About the author

Name: Mathias Fischer 

Job: Mechanic in pharmaceutical production 

Workshop or industry? My place is clearly in industry. 

Early shift or late shift? Every shift has its advantage, the variety is the key. 

Work or family? Get both under one roof. 

Lone wolf or team player? Clearly, it's best being part of the team. 

Go with your head or your heart? Depends: mechanic out of passion, work with my head.