The first 100 days at Vetter: Leonie Siebold, Apprentice

Auszubildende Leonie wird Pharmakantin bei Vetter und steht in Reinraumkleidung vor dem Labor

Why documenting was a highlight: In this brief interview, Leonie Siebold reflects on her initial experiences as a pharmaceutical technician manufacturing apprentice.

Portrait von Leonie, die bei Vetter eine Ausbildung zur Pharmakantin macht

Which apprenticeship are you doing at Vetter?

I am completing my training as a pharmaceutical manufacturing technician at Vetter.

Why did you choose this apprenticeship?

Chemistry has always held a special place in my heart. I went to a high school specializing in biotechnology. Then love drew me to the region and I discovered Vetter. I immediately thought, “This apprenticeship is perfect!” So it’s amazing that it all worked out.

How was the welcome event?

It was great because the onboarding process threw us apprentices together. You immediately connect with others and don’t end up alone in a big company.

Leonie macht eine Ausbildung zur Pharmakantin bei Vetter und wiegt im Labor Wirkstoffe ab in Reinraumkleidung

How did your onboarding go?

I received an incredibly warm welcome from my team. I immediately felt like I fit in, both personally and professionally, and that I would receive the best training to prepare me for my job.

What was the highlight of your first 100 days?

My highlight was when I was allowed to document in the compounding cleanroom for the first time – this is where you write down the individual process steps that need to be carried out according to the manufacturing instructions.

What's next for you?

My next stop is microbiology. Also fascinating – there we will test samples for purity and sterility.

At a glance

Apprenticeship as Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technician (m/f/d)

As a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technician (m/f/d), you will produce medicines from various active ingredients. You will be responsible for operating automated machines and systems for the industrial manufacturing and packaging of medicines. You will document the production process and perform quality controls.

Piktogramm Glühbirne weiß
  • Secondary education
  • Openness to new ideas, a high-level of engagement, the ability to easily grasp new concepts
  • Interest in the natural sciences
Piktogramm Uhr weiß
Training period
  • Start of apprenticeship: September
  • Duration: 3 years
Piktogramm Weltkugel weiß
  • Vetter training location: Ravensburg and Langenargen
  • Vocational school: block plan at the Karl-Arnold School in Biberach