Vetter’s Clinical Facility Demonstrates Success with 5 Client Products on the Market

Supporting efficient drug development with dedicated clinical development expertise

Both the US Skokie and European Rankweil sites address customer needs in early-phase drug development

With the increasing drug development for novel therapeutics, a growing number of pharmaceutical and biotech companies are seeking clinical manufacturing partners to help meet the demand for complex fill and finish solutions. And, while the stages of early drug development are challenging, we are committed to addressing this challenge by offering comprehensive expert manufacturing services for clinical trials and supporting our customer products path to commercialization. A testament to this commitment is evidenced by the success of our Skokie facility which has already contributed to bring five new customer products to market since it began full operations in 2011, with another four expected to launch in the next months.

Since the opening of the site, more than 240 customer audits have been successfully completed and the facility has performed over 45 media fills without failure. Currently, Vetter Development Service runs more than 80 projects in phase I and II clinical development. In the past years, the facility executed over 30 transfers from its early clinical projects to Germany for further late-stage development.

“Our clinical manufacturing sites are an essential part of Vetter’s commercial business pipeline. And the Skokie site has demonstrated an impressive track record of success since its opening twelve years ago. In the last year alone, we have acquired more than 10 new customers and their promising molecules,” says Dr. Claus Feussner, Senior Vice President Vetter Development Service. “Overall, our ongoing investments in clinical filling capabilities are proof of Vetter’s consistent strategic approach to keeping abreast of the market and our focus on the important drug development needs of our customers,” adds Carsten Press, Senior Vice President Key Account Management, Supply Chain Management and Marketing.

Next to Vetter Development Services US, our newest clinical manufacturing site in Rankweil, Austria has increased the company’s capacity in the important field of process development as well as clinical manufacturing of Phase I and II injectables for customers. Purchased in 2020, the facility has received its manufacturing authorization end of 2021 and successfully completed its first customer fills beginning of last year. Vetter Development Services Austria acts as a European counterpart to Skokie, helping to expand our international presence and increase capacity. Since its opening the site’s performance has proven exceptional with fourteen projects already won and more in the pipeline.

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