Preparing for your clinical batch

Producing this fill finish project is a critical step in launching in-human trials of an injectable medication. Learn how to create a smart, strategic plan for your molecule.

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Garath Duffy, Head of Supply Chain and Project Management

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What to prepare for when you pivot from a lab-based development to a manufacturing environment.

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How to accurately assess the amount of clinical material you need to produce.

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4 key steps to focus on when you’re planning your clinical batch.

Ready to fill clinical material for your trial? Here’s where to start.

As you take the next step to in-human evaluation, your focus is on getting your molecule to the clinic as quickly and efficiently as possible – with a secure supply of product for your trial. For an injectable medication, filling a batch of clinical material is a critical step in that process. 

In this video, you’ll learn how to start building a smart, strategic plan for your clinical fill finish project – one that not only streamlines your transition from lab to clinic, but also helps put your molecule on a path to long-term success.

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Garath Duffy, Head of Supply Chain and Project Management

Get ready to plan an efficient, future-focused clinical batch.

Find out how with Garath Duffy, head of supply chain and project management at our Rankweil clinical filling site and an expert on transitioning injectable medications from preclinical to clinical development. 

Sign in below to watch his full video, along with the rest of our new series on how to plan a smart, strategic clinical batch project – one that lays a strong foundation for your product’s performance in the clinic, with regulators, and on the global market.

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