Creating a product stability strategy

Before you take your molecule to the clinic, you need a long-term plan to protect your product’s stability. Learn about your stabilization options, and how to select the right one.

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David Brett

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Why a smart stability strategy is a critically important feature of your development roadmap

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How to evaluate and compare the 3 main stabilization options for injectable medications.

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When and why to invest in lyophilizing your product.

Starting clinical development? See why now is the time to think about product stability.

If your team is developing an injectable medication, putting your product in vials or syringes raises a critical question: how long will your molecule remain stable after filling? It’s never too early to ask the question, especially if your molecule is one of the many substance classes that have known stability limits. 

The answer is important not only for your first clinical batches (and your IND), but also for your product’s long-term regulatory success and commercial market profile. In this video, you’ll learn about different approaches to stabilizing injectable medications, the benefits and challenges of each approach, and how to make a smart strategic choice for your product.

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Dr. David Brett, Product- and Servicemanager

Explore your product stabilization options with a drug manufacturing expert.

Dr. David Brett is a senior member of the Product and Service Management team at Vetter, and has extensive experience with helping pharma and biotech companies navigate the transition to clinical development. 

Sign up today to watch his full video on creating an optimal stability plan for your product and development goals. Learn how to build a strategy that puts your injectable medication on a path to launching with the strongest possible profile for your target markets.

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