People at Vetter – Lea Jochheim, Dual Student Environmental Technology

Portraitbild von einer Mitarbeiterin

Protecting the environment is both a driving force and a challenge for Vetter as a pharmaceutical producer. In her dual studies, Lea Jochheim learns the opportunities and tasks involved in this topic.

Hello, Lea. Can you introduce yourself and tell us how long you've been at Vetter what you do?

Hi, I’m Lea Katharina Jochheim, originally from Paderborn, and I’m 28 years old. In December 2021, I completed my dual studies in the field of “environmental technology” at Vetter – and at the DHBW in Karlsruhe. I am always at Vetter for three months and then in Karlsruhe for three months. The study takes a total of three years, currently I am in the fourth semester. 

Why did you decided to do the dual study? 

This is a rather longer story – because it’s not my first course of study either: I’ve already studied communication management, and I’ve worked in London and Lisbon for a few years. However, in my previous jobs, I have never found “the one” area where I would have seen myself for my whole life. I somehow lacked a deeper meaning, if I may say so. I wanted to make a difference, do a meaningful job. Because I definitely wanted to focus on the practical aspect, I dual study was the only option I really considered. Then I discovered the dual course of study “Safety Engineering Study Area in Environmental Technology” at the DHBW Karlsruhe and I knew: That’s it! Luckily, I found Vetter as an employer and partner for the study. Here I can use my knowledge directly in a task with meaning. And there is still so much potential to improve things in terms of the environment.  

Sounds exciting. What's special about dual studies for you? 

That it is a combination of scientific aspects, but they must also be economically integrated and well-founded. This, of course, creates quite different challenges and opportunities than “just” doing something for the environment. 

“As a dual student, I particularly appreciate Vetter’s willingness to invest – both in the environment and in employees. You just keep noticing that new things are coming along.” 

Lea Jochheim, Dual Student for Environmental Technology

What are some of your best experiences at Vetter – what were the biggest challenges?

Great experiences are always when we do something with the team. An absolute highlight was a social event where we were sailing on Lake Constance. The whole department of about 15 people, all on the sailboat, that was a very nice atmosphere. Overall, at work, I find it a good thing that I learn a lot: from technology to communication to pharmaceutical knowledge … This is of course also the biggest challenge. I always had to, and I have to, reinvent a lot of things completely. The whole complex of pharmaceutical production was completely new to me, which is not always easy.

So, what does a typical workday look like for you?

You can’t say that clearly in our department, because it depends heavily on the current projects. For example, we are currently working on a new sustainability report, at another time, we are applying for an award. Basically, I usually start between 7:30 AM and 8 AM, luckily, thanks to flextime, I have a lot of flexibility. In meetings, we then discuss which tasks and projects are currently pending.

How many people are on your team?

I am part of the Environment, Health & Safety department - we are a total of 15 people. And in my section, “Environmental Management,” I count five.

And what was your highlight from last week?

I am preparing a report for a practical project: the creation of a carbon footprint for external validation. Upon completion of extensive research, I was able to set an important milestone.

Portraitbild einer Mitarbeiterin

“For my future at Vetter, I could well imagine staying in environmental management and being an environmental management officer or waste officer to make Vetter even more sustainable and environmentally conscious.”

Lea Jochheim, Dual Student in Environmental Technology

One last question: do you use any Vetter benefits? If so, which ones?

I take advantage of Qualitrain's sports offerings. This is very practical for me because I can also use it to play sport in Karlsruhe. In addition, I regularly check the company discounts, and in the near future I would like to look into the company's supplemental health insurance.

Lea, we thank you for this interview and wish you every success in your studies!