People at Vetter – Julia Bröhm, Dual Student of Business Informatics

Portraitbild von einer Mitarbeiterin

IT meets business administration – this is how dual student Julia describes her studies at the DHBW Ravensburg and at Vetter. This is an exciting combination that brings a lot of knowledge and even more possibilities.

Hello Julia. Tell us about yourself: Who are you and how long have you been with Vetter?

Hello! My name is Julia Bröhm and I come from here in Ravensburg. That's why it was obvious to do dual studies with Vetter. I have chosen the course “Business Informatics”, with which I started in September 2020. We started with a month-long introduction to Vetter. Then there was the first theory phase at the DHBW (Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University) in Ravensburg. Since then, I have always been in three-month blocks at Vetter and at DHBW. In each practical phase, I change departments to gain as many different practical experiences as possible. I am currently working in “Innovation Management”.

How interesting, you have to tell me more about that. But first of all, what exactly are your dual studies about?

It is fundamentally a mix of business administration – so things like accounting and cost planning – and computer science content such as programming, building an operating system and so on. In addition, there are special subjects such as process modeling or business process management. Business Engineering is the focus of my degree program.

So you can work in different departments?!

Exactly. In my first practical phase I was in the junior company of Vetter. After that, I wrote my first project paper in IT, which was followed by the Production Systems Department. I could also indicate my preferred departments, which would have given me the opportunity to work in controlling, for example, this is pretty flexible. 

Is that why you decided to study?

Yes, absolutely. I graduated from the Ravensburg Technical Gymnasium in Design and Media Technology. Because of web programming, I already had a solid computer science background, so I found this part very interesting. But sticking “only” to IT, that was too dry for me. The business administration component in business informatics sounded great for me – and because Vetter is known as a cool company to work for here in my home town, I decided to go with them.

What should others know about your studies?

It's challenging, but it's also really interesting and varied. Due to the fact that the studies consist of the two areas of business administration and IT, you have a perfect overview of the various topics.

Portraitbild von einer Mitarbeiterin

My best moment so far by Vetter has been ... Well, there was no one best moment, because there were so many great moments. I just feel completely comfortable here.

Julia Bröhm, Dual Student of Business Informatics

What was your best experience – what were the biggest challenges?  

With the support of Vetter, I was able to complete a foreign theory semester in South Korea, which was an incredibly great experience. I studied at Sejong University in Seoul for four months and lived on campus with 300 other international students. Like I said, Vetter supported me financially, which I thought was really great! I learned an incredible amount. Culturally, technically, personally ... a very different world. At the same time, of course, it was also a big challenge for me.

So, what does a typical workday look like for you?

There isn't really A typical working day because it's so varied here. Every department, every day is different. Even the typical “student tasks” do not exist. I am currently working with the innovation partners, so no day is the same anyway. We are currently planning the Innovation World Café again, which takes place several times a year and which this time has more than 90 people registered. I had the main task of organizing this event.

Then what was your highlight last week?

On Thursday we had an appointment with all the participants of the Hackathon, which took place in October 2022. Our managing director, Peter Sölkner, was also there. What's more, he also sat in the jury at the Hackathon to decide which projects will be continued. Now, at the meeting, all the teams that were there introduced themselves and showed how their project was going. I was allowed to be there and it was very interesting to see what everyone achieved in the short time. And I got to know the managing director, which, of course, is not something that you experience often.

One final question: do you make use of any Vetter benefits?

I'm using the EGYM Wellpass. This allows me to visit gyms, climbing halls, thermal baths, and much more.

Dear Julia, thank you for your time. We wish you every success with your bachelor's thesis and look forward to having you on our team after that!