Looking towards the future: Girls’ Day at Vetter

Zwei Mädchen steuern einen kollaborativen Roboter am Vetter Girls Day 2024

“Future career paths” was a focus of this year's International Girls in ICT Day, and that's exactly what our young visitors got a taste of as they observed our automation technology at work.

Hello high tech! A day in the life of an automation technology electronics technician

The motto of this year’s International Girls in ICT (information and communication technology) Day was “Artificial intelligence and transformation in the world of work.” It fits well to Vetter as a company that is charting innovative courses to position itself for a successful future. Part of that includes getting the talents of tomorrow excited about technology and about Vetter.

On this year’s Girls Day on April 25, schoolgirls got a taste of what it was like to work as an electronics technician specialized in automation technology.

They were able to see our technical training center up close and to try their hand at soldering circuit boards in the electronics workshop. Together with our technicians, they experimented and made first attempts to collaboratively program robots, some of which are already in use to monitor and produce medicines that are essential and life-saving.

Even with all the technology, the human aspect is what we focused on that morning, as our apprentices happily answered questions about training and our company.

Girls Day 2024 was an enriching experience for all involved: it provided a fascinating glimpse into the technology – and the talents – of tomorrow.