Inside Compounding – the Heart of our Production

Portraitbild einer Mitarbeiterin in der Lösungsherstellung

My name is Vera Geweiler, I’ve been working in Compounding at Vetter since 2017. This may be of interest to those who, like me, have trained as a PTA. Let me share with you what to expect here.

How I came to Vetter

I completed a training as a pharmaceutical technical assistant (PTA). Two popular routes in this profession are to work either in a pharmacy or in industry. I knew from the outset that I’d prefer to work in industry. And it worked out with my first attempt at Vetter.

A typical day in my job

I work in compounding, where we manufacture the products that our customers order. There are different stations, and you need to be authorized for each one, but it’s not a problem thanks to the good training and teamwork. For example, I can now take responsibility for each of these stations – preparing the equipment, weighing the supplied ingredients, and preparing and filtering the solutions.

What I like about my job

This job has fully met my expectations for a career in industry. The most important thing for me is that no day is boring because new challenges await my team and me every day. We are continuously producing new products, and this demands our full attention. You have to be flexible and receptive – two qualities that suit me well. Not to mention, we’re making something that’s important here. We’re contributing to medical care, helping to combat diseases and improving people's lives.

That's why my work at Vetter is important

If Vetter were the human body, we would be the heart. Of course, all the other jobs play their vital roles; we work hand in hand here. But in our compounding department, we ultimately create the product that goes out and is used.

Portraitbild einer Mitarbeiterin in der Lösungsherstellung

About the author

Name: Vera Geweiler 

Job: Employee in compounding 

Late or early shift? I like the late shift; I like to start my day slowly.

Team player or lone warrior? We can do more together. I’m Team Team.

Do you follow your head or your heart? Both. But this job clearly leans on the head.