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Fill and finish

Filling services

Vetter provides complete sterile fill and finish services for liquid and lyophilized products in vials, syringes, and cartridges including:

Type of commercial filling Packaging systems Batch size
Vials  Liquid vials Up to 150,000

Pre-sterilized syringes
Bulk syringes
Sterile water for injection (sWFI)

Up to 500,000
Up to 420,000
Up to 140,000

Cartridges Single-chamber cartridges Up to 150,000

Aseptic filling of pre-sterilized syringes

Aseptic filling of cartridges

Aseptic filling of sWFI syringes

Lyophilization services

Lyophilization (freeze-drying) is one of Vetter’s fields of expertise. Lyophilization can help overcome many of the stability challenges associated with complex, sensitive molecules, resulting in a longer shelf life for the product. We fill lyophilized products in both vials and dual-chamber systems, and we can even work with you to develop a highly efficient lyophilization cycle.

Type of commercial lyophilization Packaging systems Batch size
Vials  Lyophilized Vials Up to 96,000
Dual-chamber syringes
Up to 50,000
Cartridges Dual-chamber cartridges Up to 60,000

Lyophilization of vials

Lyophilization of dual-chamber cartridges

Lyophilization of dual-chamber syringes

Visual inspection

We operate a 100% visual inspection process in which each final product is inspected and passes only when it meets the highest standards. We offer both manual and automated visual inspections and can customize our service to meet your product’s specific requirements. This includes customer-specific quality (CSQ) and visual inspection for the Japanese market. Manual inspection, while labor-intensive, follows a well-established procedure and is reserved for those processes that can only be handled manually, such as qualification and secondary inspections. Automated inspection using state-of-the-art technology delivers improved consistency with shorter lead times and faster throughput.

Manual visual inspection of syringes

Manual visual inspection of vials

Visual inspection for the Japanese Market

Packaging services

Vetter offers a full suite of packaging services at our state-of-the-art Ravensburg facility and supports you through all stages of packaging development and manufacturing. We’ll help you select both primary and secondary packaging from a broad range of platform and specialized technologies, as well as provide customized packaging development, assembly, packaging and serialization and aggregation services. All packaging options can be adapted to your specific needs. We also offer specialized production technology for products with strict cosmetic requirements. Our packaging and filling operations comply with cGMP guidelines for the United States, Europe, and Japan.

Assembly of syringe plunger rods

Automatic assembly of safety devices

Assembly of auto-injectors

Storage and logistics

With extensive expertise in storing, packaging, and worldwide cold chain shipment, Vetter offers comprehensive support for compliance management, import/export customs management, transportation, and logistics. Our state-of-the-art storage facility features a high-bay, climate-controlled warehouse for cold storage and room-temperature products, plus freezer storage capacity for frozen active ingredients.

Logistics center

Handling of freight containers

High-bay storage area

Vetter is a global leader in the aseptic fill & finish contract manufacturing

Aseptic commercial filling for

Aseptic commercial filling for Vials

Liquid and lyophilized vials

  • Fill volume: 0.1 - 50 ml

Fill volumes beyond will be evaluated upon request.

Syringes Syringes

Single-chamber syringes with V-OVS® tamper-evident closure system

  • Fill volume 0.1 - 10 ml

Single-chamber syringes with Vetter-Ject® closure system

  • Fill volumes will be evaluated upon request

Single-chamber syringes with RNS staked needle

  • Fill volume 0.1 - 1.1 ml
  • Fill volume (pre-sterilized): 0.1 - 20 ml

Vetter Lyo-Ject® dual-chamber syringe (lyophilized/liquid or liquid/liquid)

  • Dosage volume up to 5.6 ml

Fill volumes beyond will be evaluated upon request.

Cartridges Cartridges

Single-chamber cartridges

  • Fill volume 0.1 - 5 ml

V-LK® dual-chamber cartridges (lyophilized/liquid or liquid/liquid)

  • Dosage volume: up to 1.1 ml

Fill volumes beyond will be evaluated upon request.


Vetter Commercial Manufacturing

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