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Aseptic fill finish for injectable pharma and biotech products

Vetter is a specialized CDMO with deep expertise in parenteral medications. Explore our core services, including clinical and commercial manufacturing, secondary packaging, and device assembly.

Why Vetter

Strategic support at every step of your product’s life cycle

In today’s rapidly evolving global market, you need an experienced, dedicated CDMO partner to support the success and sustain the supply of your valuable product. Discover why pharma and biotech companies of every size trust us to deliver the quality and expertise they need.

With cutting-edge aseptic processing facilities in the EU and US – as well as a fast-growing presence in Asia – we take pride in supporting a wide range of innovative brands and complex, technically challenging molecules. We process sterile injectables in a wide range of formats (syringes, cartridges, vials, dual-chamber systems), and offer state-of-the-art packaging and assembly services to sharpen your product’s competitive edge.

Vetter at a glance
40 +
years of proven global expertise in aseptic filling and packaging
209 MM
injectable drug product units filled in 2022
filling lines at manufacturing facilities in the US and Europe
10 -15
inspections by international authorities per year
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Clinical manufacturing

Supporting your product from preclinical through Phase III

Discover how we help you advance key steps in the development of your injectable drug product:

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Commercial manufacturing

Expert aseptic processing of your market supply

See how we provide end-to-end support for commercialized injectable pharma and biotech products:

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Assembled drug products being placed in secondary packaging
Packaging & Assembly

Innovative solutions that meet patient and regulatory needs

See how we can help you identify and develop the right  patient-centric approach for your product, including:

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Proven partnership

A CDMO with the specialized skills, resources, and infrastructure you need.

Pharma and biotech companies around the world are facing a fast-growing set of complex challenges: managing ever more intricate molecules, meeting fast-rising sustainability standards, navigating global regulatory environments, and above all, getting new products to patients faster than ever. 

For injectable drug developers, getting those products to market and sustaining their global supply takes more than expertise in aseptic filling. It takes a skilled, reliable, and dedicated partner with all the expertise – technical, process, regulatory, and analytical – that your product needs to deliver its full potential. For that, there’s Vetter. 

Our customers trust us to help them manage the demanding balance of speed, quality, and compliance at every stage of their products life cycle. Find out how we can help you do the same from final formulation, to your first batch of clinical trial material, to global-scale manufacturing. 

Garath Duffy, Head of Supply Chain and Project Management
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