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On-Demand Webcast: Preparing for the clinic

60-minute on-demand webcast on how biotech companies can streamline the critical pivot from early-stage product development to clinical manufacturing.


The transition from preclinical development to clinical manufacturing is a crucial pivot point in the lifecycle of any new drug product. It’s also a step where many biotech companies run into challenges – from project delays and cost overruns, to operational snags and regulatory friction.  

In this webinar, we’ll explore key steps and strategies that can help biotech companies successfully navigate the critical shift from early-stage development to clinical manufacturing. Join us to learn about some of the most important best practices your product team should consider as you plan to make the leap from the bench to the clinic. 

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How to build and activate an efficient, de-risked clinical manufacturing strategy for your compound 

How the right strategy can help accelerate development of your product while protecting its quality 

How having a strategic CDMO partner can help put you and your product on the path to success in the clinic