We contribute to commercial launches of eight customer products in 2023

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Portfolio of early- and late-stage clinical services advances product development for injectables

We announce the successful commercialization of eight customer drug products as of the completion of 2023. The products were supported by the comprehensive portfolio of the Vetter Development Service during their drug development phases. The drug products that reached the world market are used in oncology and to treat autoimmune and cardiovascular diseases, among others. Their nature and administration vary widely, ranging from emergency medications to long-term and life-enhancing therapies for patients. The drugs also vary in delivery methods, which include self-administration for at-home care and administration by healthcare professionals.

“Bringing a promising therapy through the clinical phase to market readiness and launch is a challenging journey that culminates years of development work. Our holistic development service offerings build on one another and become interlinked,” shared Dr. Claus Feussner, Senior Vice President Vetter Development Service. “This allows us to support our customer’s products throughout the entire development cycle to commercialization and beyond. Our individualized capabilities have allowed us to support more than 50 market launches over the past five years.”

We have significantly expanded our clinical capabilities in recent years, both in terms of production capacity, analytical offerings, and personnel. The Vetter Development Service is one of the three pillars of Vetter, complementing Vetter Commercial Manufacturing and Vetter Secondary Packaging and Assembly. We are currently supporting more than 200 projects in early and late clinical phases as well as life-cycle development. With two dedicated clinical manufacturing sites in Skokie, USA, and Rankweil, Austria, we support clinical batch production for in-human trials in early development. Late-stage development, including process design, method transfer and handover to quality and production for commercial manufacturing and launch, takes place in Ravensburg, Germany.