The new parking garage is coming! Good for Vetter. Good for Ravensburg.

Verschiedene Autos die in gekennzeichneten Parkplätzen stehen

Great joy for Vetter: The Ravensburg Municipal Council has approved the construction of a large parking garage on the Schützenstraße site. Now the way is clear for an important building block of our mobility concept.

Commuting and parking: the new Vetter parking in Ravensburg

More than 2,000 people are currently working at our Schützenstraße site in Ravensburg – and there are more to come. We have been pursuing a holistic mobility concept for years so that they can all come to work in a relaxed and safe way, and are increasingly relying on sustainable means of transport. But public transport in particular often works only to a limited extent as an alternative, especially for our shift staff. At the same time, there has been repeated criticism of the parking space situation in recent years, both from residents and our employees.

We're listening! And therefore consistently try to improve the framework conditions for all those employees who come to work by car. The Ravensburg Municipal Council has now given us the green light for a real milestone: on Monday, December 11, 2023, it approved our request to build our own parking garage on Eywiesenstraße.

Lageskizze von dem geplantem Parkhaus
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With the new parking garage, Vetter massively improves the parking space available at this location. And this will happen very soon: We will already start ground and civil engineering works in spring 2024 – depending on the planning, progress and external approval processes, we will probably be able to raise the barriers from the beginning of 2026. The parking garage is expected to accommodate more than 1,000 vehicles!

Of course, the new parking garage also fits with Vetter's commitment to act as sustainably, ecologically and in harmony with the environment as possibie: solar panels will be installed on the roof and the walls will be greened. There will also be e-charging stations within the parking garage, so employees can comfortably charge their electric vehicles here.

On the one hand, all Vetter employees benefit from the new parking garage, but on the other hand all of Ravensburg will benefit as well. It will improve the parking space situation in the northern part of the city, provide relief for residents and the adjacent neighborhood, as well as ease the traffic situation as a whole. All those who want to cheer on the Ravensburger Towerstars at weekends or to attend a concert in the Oberschwabenhalle will also be pleased about our project: on weekends we will probably be able to make the parking garage open to the public – except for one or two floors, which are reserved for Vetter shift workers. This makes the new parking garage an important project for our mobility concept, a great innovation for all employees – and a real milestone for Vetter and Ravensburg.