Interview with Peter Soelkner: What’s next for the injectable drug market?

Portraitbild der Geschäftsführung Peter Sölkner

Peter Soelkner shares his insights on the impact of new trends and molecules, and how Vetter is adapting to stay ahead.

The global market for injectable medications is more dynamic than ever, driven by surging demand, a new generation of complex drug products, and the accelerating shift from in-clinic to at-home care. 

Peter Soelkner, one of Vetter’s managing directors, recently sat down with Stephanie Sutton of The Medicine Maker to discuss some of these key trends - and how Vetter is adapting to fast-changing market and patient needs.

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As Peter Soelkner explains, the injectable drug market is seeing rapid growth in both the customization and complexity of new parenteral medications. While these new products often deliver innovative treatments for long-unmet needs, they also pose unique technical and operational challenges for manufacturers like Vetter.  

In response, Vetter is investing in new resources and partnerships that will help enhance the value of our partnership in this evolving market. New facilities like our Rankweil site have scaled our capacity to handle complex clinical compounds. New partnerships - like our strategic alliance with Rentschler Biopharma - have created opportunities to address customer needs far earlier in the product life cycle.  

Our market is extremely dynamic right now. Everything we’re managing around the molecule is becoming more complex. 

Peter Soelkner, Managing Director

So what keeps him inspired to tackle new trends and meet new challenges in this fast-changing market?  

“We support over 80 products registered with various agencies,” Mr. Soelkner shared. “It’s a lot of responsibility, but also extremely rewarding to be part of that supply chain. It’s a meaningful job that makes a difference in the lives of patients and their families.”