Vetter Pharma Commitment

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Commitment

A commitment that extends well beyond regulation

As a global operating company with a long family tradition, Vetter has a commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) that extends well beyond regulation. This commitment to sustainability, compliance and social responsibility is ongoing and represents the very core of what we stand for. We have seen how responsible action has a positive impact on the individuals in our company, the neighbors in our community, and people worldwide. With a strong program in place, CSR is the foundation that helps guide our actions with integrity as we move toward the future.

Our social commitment is about more than just being a good corporate citizen, however. It is imperative that we produce high-quality products, because as a (bio-)pharmaceutical service provider, ultimately, these products enter the human body. Being a leader means looking beyond the products and services we offer and recognizing the impact our company can have on others. Vetter’s stakeholders include patients and their families, customers, employees, partners, the media, our community, and other individuals. Each of these groups has a unique stake in how Vetter operates, influencing our engagement in this field. 


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