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Explore a range of proven solutions that can drive differentiation and unlock your product’s potential across its life cycle.

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Find the right solution for your product’s future

Your choice of primary packaging lays the foundation for many steps in your product’s life cycle - from its first regulatory approval to future delivery system options. Trust our decades of experience to help you explore the options that suit your product best.

Our packaging experts work with you to create a customized solution - the materials, the system, and the process - that fits both your product’s unique requirements and your market strategy. We’ll support you through every step in this critical decision to ensure you make the right choice at every step.

Why Vetter for your primary packaging

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Customized solutions to support your product’s long-term success

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In-depth advice on important considerations for selecting your product’s primary packaging

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Support for product differentiation throughout its life cycle

Proven and innovative platform technologies

We offer a wide range of different packaging options and fill volumes, so you can deliver a drug product that stands out in a competitive market.

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We specialize in aseptic syringe filling across a variety of options, including bulk and presterilized syringes as well as safety devices.

Single chamber cartridge with drug product on white background

We offer a broad range of filling capabilities for single-chamber cartridges.

Dual chamber syringe and cartridge with drug product on white background
Dual chamber systems: Vetter Lyo-Ject® & V-LK®

These patented syringe and cartridge technologies allow an API/lyophilized powder and diluent to be prefilled and stored separately, then easily mixed prior to administration.

Liquid and lyophilized drug product in vials on white background

Our comprehensive suite of aseptic vial filling capabilities includes liquid and lyophilized vials in various formats and a wide range of fill volumes.

Syringe with tamper evident closure system on white background
V-OVS® tamper-evident closure

Vetter’s unique syringe closure technology protects the integrity of your product and is suitable for a wide range of connector formats.


Assembled drug products being placed in secondary packaging
Secondary Packaging & Device Assembly

Support for your entire product life cycle

As your product evolves and patient needs shift, we’ll work with you to select the optimal injection system and materials for your compound´s specific characteristics​.

We offer a broad selection of secondary packaging and device assembly options—from testing to serialization and everything between.

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