Success for Vetter Laboratories

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The Swiss University of St. Gallen has certified that the Vetter QC Laboratories are of above-average quality.


The certification is a result of an international Operational Excellence QC benchmark study conducted by the University of St. Gallen in which chemical analysis and microbiology were subjected to a comprehensive comparison with other quality control areas in the pharmaceutical industry. In all areas examined including cost, speed, reliability, service and quality the study confirmed the above-average effectiveness and efficiency of Vetter QC laboratories.
"According to the study, our processes and systems lead to a very good QC performance," said Dr. Anne Kuhlmann, Vice President Quality Control, about the results of the study. In order to further develop this performance, Vetter is currently investigating and implementing further optimization possibilities in the QC laboratories such as automated evaluation and testing equipment, integrative planning tools for capacity utilization or digital systems for laboratory process control.

In total, 56 pharmaceutical QC laboratories from Europe, the US, South America and Asia participated in the benchmark study, including quality control departments of many Vetter clients.