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Proven and innovative injection systems delivering your product’s potential

Vetter offers a wide-ranging portfolio of packaging solutions from aseptic filling of conventional delivery systems to specialized and novel technologies that can help differentiate your product in the market, reshape its potential, and extend its life cycle. Vetter’s injectable delivery systems are available in a wide array of configurations:


Vetter is a leading prefilled syringe manufacturer, offering aseptic syringe filling: 
  • Bulk glass syringes that allow specific siliconization and sterilization processes with added flexibility in primary component assembly.
  • Presterilized/nested glass syringes in multiple filling volume options with staked needle or luer lock cap options
  • Sterile, prefilled water for injection (sWFI) syringes for reconstituting lyophilized compounds
  • Safety devices simplifying needle stick protection. Single-chamber syringes with staked needles are available assembled within a safety device 


We offer a comprehensive suite of aseptic vial filling capabilities for liquid and lyophilized vials in various ml, R and other formats (crimp cap and flip-off cap options). Fill volumes range from 0.1ml to 50 ml. 

Dual-chamber systems

Our patented dual-chamber technology allows different ingredients and solvents to be prefilled and stored separately, then easily mixed and administered as needed. Dual-chamber systems can be used for lyophilized/solvent drugs and liquid/liquid drugs and offer many advantages for your sensitive compound. 

Combination systems

Combination products help you deliver your drug in a variety of formats that expand your product’s versatility and simplify administration in the home healthcare setting: 
  • Single-chamber cartridges for pens and pump systems
  • Dual-chamber cartridges for pen systems
  • Single-chamber syringes for auto-injectors

Syringe closure systems

V-OVS® tamper-evident closure 

Our integrated syringe closure technology helps protect the integrity of your glass-barrel syringe and is suitable for syringe formats with a Luer cone.

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