Vetter experts share takeaways from Bio 2024

Vetter team at Bio International 2024

Once again, this year’s BIO International Convention in San Diego brought together a world-class group of industry leaders and innovators.

We had a strong presence at the event, with an exhibit showcasing our state-of-the-art services and a team of experts who reinforced our leadership in clinical and commercial aseptic fill and finish.

As always, the convention provided an insightful forum for key trends and topics across the industry – from evolving market priorities to emerging technologies, new product innovations, and unique scientific advances. And of course, for strategic partners like Vetter, it was a valuable opportunity to spark new connections and nurture thriving relationships.

We asked six Vetter experts who attended the conference to share their biggest takeaways:

  • Vice President New Business Development

    Andrea Wesp

    "The BIO international is always an excellent opportunity to engage with clinical customers and discuss and define their needs. It is an ideal forum to demonstrate our comprehensive solutions from early development to final product release. This year's event also reinforced our industry´s ongoing dynamism. The global pipeline continues to fill with increasingly complex products and formulations, and that complexity is driving a surge in demand for specialized manufacturing services. With our comprehensive expertise – especially with sensitive parenteral biologics – and our two clinical manufacturing sites in Europe and the US we’re well positioned to support our market’s innovators.”

    Andrea Wesp at Bio International 2024
  • Vice President Key Account Management

    Lars Hahn

    At this year's event, we once again saw an increase in demand for aseptic filling and packaging services and supply chain security. We were therefore happy to speak with our customers about our planned capacity expansions and investments. This will help us to support our customers and grow sustainably. In addition, the BIO convention is an ideal opportunity for us to pursue one of our key objectives: strengthening long-term customer relationships based on trust, communication and a commitment to delivering exceptional results."

    Lars Hahn at Bio International 2024
  • Director Quality Control, Operational Support and New Technologies

    Patricia Hoess

    In our department, we support the continuous development and optimization of quality control systems and processes. We are constantly looking for new ideas to support our digitalization and automation initiatives, and BIO provided valuable insights into new trends and opportunities for exchange. It was good to discuss AI and it will be interesting to see what opportunities arise in the future. It's also good to see that the industry is constantly evolving in the field of digitalization and quality and that we at Vetter have the same vision of not standing still but moving forward.”

    Patricia Hoess
  • Vetter Development Service, Director Technology and Process Transfer

    Carolin Rether

    By actively participating in industry events such as this one, we keep up to date with the latest tech transfer challenges. As we are always looking to improve our processes and services, it is helpful to have a focused insight into the latest industry trends. We look for ways to increase efficiency, achieve the highest possible quality standards and get our customers' products to market as quickly as possible. This year's event reinforced the importance of these efforts. The contact and exchange with other professionals is therefore always interesting and helps to get new ideas.”

    Carolin Rether at Bio International 2024
  • Head of Laboratory Quality Control

    Thomas Schaedle

    “The BIO convention offers a good mix of presentations and networking with experts from different fields of work. It was interesting to see, that complex molecules are becoming more important, which will lead to an increased demand for specialized analytical methods in the laboratories. We are already well positioned in the area of reliable and up-to-date analytical services and will continue to do a lot to ensure that our customers and, above all, patients receive a safe injectable product.”

    Thomas Schaedle at Bio International 2024
  • Customer Project Manager

    Jan Freitag

    “Within our interdisciplinary project teams, we offer comprehensive support for customer projects and project execution. The BIO conference is always a valuable opportunity to see what we need to focus on to stay at the forefront of aseptic filling and anticipate future customer needs. The lively atmosphere and informative sessions this year definitely highlighted the rapid pace of development in our industry.”

    Jan Freitag at Bio International 2024
Female scientist using technology to manage a tech transfer

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