Culture and Benefits

We provide high-value benefits for your high-value work.

We offer more than just benefits. In addition to many discounts, we value work-life balance, encourage teamwork and networking, and have our employee's back 100 %.

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What makes us special

Every single one of us. We know that every success is a team success. That we can only go places and achieve great things together. We give our best and value each other for that. Quality, trust, and care form the basis for our success.
Further development and challenges drive our enthusiasm. They constantly inspire our passion for creative technical solutions. We pool knowledge, exchange ideas, and keep our sights on change. We make things happen and give our best every day. Because it is our mission to help people all over the world enjoy a better quality of life.

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Professional Development

​Vetter encourages the professional development of its employees and is willing to reimburse tuition fees under certain provisions.

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Healthcare and Insurance

Vetter is committed to the health of its employees and offers various, extensive, company-sponsored health plan options that provide excellent healthcare benefits for employees and their families.

In order to provide our employees with the highest possible security from financial difficulties in case of illness, accidents, etc. Vetter offers additional insurance packages such as short-term and long- term disability, life, and AD&D.

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Maternity Leave and Retirement

Beyond the provisions of FMLA, Vetter offers a maternity leave policy to provide parents with the opportunity to bond with their newborn child.

Our retirement program aims to provide you with adequate income levels and funds after your career at Vetter.

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Salary and Paid Time off

We offer competitive salaries. A yearly performance evaluation is the basis for the continuous growth of our employees' basic salaries. In addition, depending on function and level, employees are eligible for our bonus program. Bonuses are related to Vetter's performance.

In addition to paid vacation time, Vetter also provides paid sick time and paid holidays.

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Sponsored Events

At Vetter, it is part of our corporate culture to celebrate certain occasions together.