Social Projects and Engagements

Donating a car to Pallative Care

With Corporate Social Responsibility, words are meaningful only when they are followed up with actions. At Vetter, we define ourselves as more than just the products that we help our customers bring to patients. Our efforts include giving back to our community through volunteering our time, contributing to social projects, and donating financially. These are the actions that help define who we are as a company and as individuals.

Here are some of the important programs we are honored to support:


Child-focused programs  

  • Drachenkinder Foundation: for children with special family-related challenges
  • Humedica: a worldwide aid organization providing humanitarian assistance in more than 90 countries
Hospice Car

Local and regional assistance programs

  • Volunteering program: employees are granted time to volunteer for a charity of their choice, thus supporting programs such as homeless intervention or youth development
  • Refugee assistance: helping refugees with job support and community outreach after they arrive in their new home in Ravensburg
  • Clinic Home Interface: assisting chronically and terminally ill individuals
  • A variety of efforts that include local hospice funding, support for the local art museum, and community festivals

National and international programs

  • Stroke Nurse: support for patients and families in the critical months following a stroke
  • Ärzte ohne Grenzen: the German arm of Doctors Without Borders
  • Deutsche Rheuma-Liga: caring for rheumatism patients in Germany
  • BAG Selbsthilfe: representing the interests of disabled and chronically ill patients
  • Cures Within Reach: Supporting treatments for patients in parts of the world that lack access to adequate and affordable medicine

At Vetter, Corporate Social Responsibility is about our world and our well-being. Our ongoing commitment is toward reaching our goal of achieving the greater good.