About us

We are diversity

We at Vetter stand for diversity, equal rights, and equal opportunities. We are convinced: It is our diversity that makes us strong.

We embrace diversity.

Accepting, fostering, and appreciating each and every one in their individuality is a core part of the Vetter culture. We are committed to cultivating the ideal work environment – free of prejudice and supportive of personal development.

Diversity facts
different nationalities are represented in our company.
55 %+
of our functional managers are female.
generations give their all every day for patients around the world.
"Charta der Vielfalt"

Our promise

As a signatory to the "Charta der Vielfalt," we embrace an international and inclusive corporate culture. We are proud to be part of a movement that advocates a society that is open, without prejudice or discrimination.

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  • By signing "Charta der Vielfalt" in 2017, we as a company committed ourselves to a prejudice-free, appreciative work environment in which equal opportunities prevail for all employees – regardless of gender and gender identity, ethnic origin, nationality, and age.

    Peter Soelkner, Managing Director

  • Vetter: That’s over 6,000 colleagues from four generations and 75 countries. Such diversity makes our company stronger and opens enormous opportunities. We are passionate about our people and do our best to ensure that everyone feels at ease and can develop their full potential.

    Thomas Otto, Managing Director

Why we promote diversity and tolerance

For our employees

It is important to us that our employees feel seen, accepted and appreciated. We want our colleagues to enjoy coming to work and to experience a work environment here at Vetter in which they can fully thrive.

For patients around the world

Our most important principle is to always be there for those who rely on us – our employees, our customers, and patients around the world – in all their diversity. While focusing on diversity, we at Vetter cultivate a wide range of skills and points of view that benefit patients worldwide.

For our company

It is precisely because we are so diverse at Vetter that we can always empathize with the different needs of our customers around the world. Our diversity allows us to find individual and innovative solutions for all those who work with us and helps us drive our internationalization.

Unique and valuable

People and perspectives

Our colleagues share their personal stories and experiences.

Theresa Huchler, Business Informatics student

At Vetter, I can be myself.

Theresa is open about her sexual orientation and her experiences with prejudice: “I was often told that my same-sex relationship was not normal. But not here at Vetter – here I can be myself.“

Rajeev Singh, Business Development Manager

Home is where my family is.

Rajeev is from India and has lived in Germany for over 10 years. “For me, home is where my family is,“ he says emphatically. His multicultural experience helps him more easily connect with our international clients.

Matthias Benter, Representative for the disabled

I want to break down mental barriers.

Matthias is an advocate for people with disabilities at Vetter. He encourages us all to think beyond clichés. “Some disabilities are invisible at first glance. I want to break down mental barriers. People with handicaps are also capable.”

Regional community involvement

Rely on Vetter

We take responsibility for our region and the people who live here. This is why we are actively involved in social projects and support charitable organizations.

How we get involved