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Vetter Development Service Chicago

Vetter Development Service Chicago

A state-of-the-art clinical manufacturing facility

The Vetter Development Service (VDS) Chicago facility provides you with comprehensive clinical development and manufacturing resources from Preclinical to Phase II. VDS Chicago offers more than 37,000 square feet of advanced aseptic development and filling technologies. We perform flexible cGMP filling for all common drug delivery systems, including vials and syringes. The facility is currently home to 2 clinical filling cleanrooms. It also houses an onsite microbiology and chemical analysis lab and a number of other additional capabilities.

Disposable technology

To achieve maximum possible efficiency and speed, our Chicago site uses only disposable components in all material preparation, assembly, compounding, filtration, and filling areas.

Aseptic clinical filling capabilities in Chicago

  • Fully-automated cGMP filling line with flexible batch sizes up to 15,000 liquid or 6,200 lyophilized vials
  • 100% inline weight control for nondestructive IPC to help increase API yield by enabling accurate fill volume without separate sampling

Small-scale aseptic vial filling

Small-scale, fully-automated aseptic syringe filling

Lyophilization of vials

Analysis lab capabilities

A 2,000-square-foot chemical analysis and microbiology lab provides comprehensive biopharmaceutical analysis, including:

  • In-process and release testing
    • Chromatography
    • Spectography
    • Opalescence
    • Oxygen
  • Compendial and compound-specific testing
  • Utility and environment compendial monitoring

Microbiological analysis

Chemical analysis


Additional onsite capabilities

  • Qualification and validation
  • Engineering
  • Materials preparation
  • Compounding
  • Visual inspection
  • Quality assurance

Supply Chain Management Services

Clinical manufacturing starts with Vetter, a specialist providing expertise in aseptic filling and lyophilization for early clinical trial phase. Sentry Biopharma offers additional secondary packaging solutions and supply chain management services for your API in clinical development, including:

  • cGMP storage (ambient to -90C)
  • Labelling, kitting, and secondary packaging services based on your specifications
  • Shipping and tracking services to get your compound to clinical trial sites worldwide
  • Product return and destruction programs
  • Import/export optimization

Both Vetter and Sentry offer services in a high quality manner throughout the entire clinical manufacturing process along with the expertise you need to navigate the critical clinical manufacturing process.

If you want to learn more about this expertise, please download the infographic “From Potential to Trial" on the right side.


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Filling service options of Vetter Development Service Chicago

Filling service options of Vetter Development Service Chicago Liquid vial filling
  • Formats 2R – 20R
  • Crimp cap and flip-off cap options
  • Fill volume: 0.3 - 23 ml
portlet2 Lyophilized vial filling
  • Formats 2R – 20R
  • Crimp cap and flip-off cap options
  • Fill volume: 0.3 - 23 ml
portlet3 Single-chamber syringe filling
  • Fill volume: 0.1 - 1.1 ml

Vetter is a global CMO for aseptic fill & finish contract manufacturing


Vetter Development Service Chicago

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From Potential to Trial

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