Center for visual inspection & logistics (RVW)

Located in the Erlen industrial park, the site comprises several buildings that play an important role in our global supply chain. In addition to the center for visual inspection & logistics (RVW1), another material warehouse (RVW2) for non-pharmaceutical goods is located on site.

Vetter Standort Ravensburg West

RVW1: Center for visual inspection & logistics

Located in the Erlen Industrial Area, this state-of-the-art facility serves as a key distribution point for customer products manufactured at our aseptic filling sites. It provides both cutting-edge quality control services and expert logistic support for finished units ready to release to our customers.

Key features

  • Manual and automated visual inspection
  • High-bay warehouse for cold & room-temperature storage
  • Climate-controlled storage
  • Redundant power lines with independent backup power supplies (NEA) at different voltage levels (20 kV/400V)
  • Liquid nitrogen cooling for critical areas
  • Redundant water and fuel supply
Logo Foya 2018
Industry recognition

A “facility of the future” in Ravensburg

In 2018, the Facility of the Year Awards gave RVW1 top honors for its infrastructure, technology, and performance – a distinguishing affirmation of our commitment to quality and innovation.

FOYA gave special recognition to the environmental stewardship reflected in the design of RVW1. An array of eco-conscious features have been integrated into the facility, including heat and power provided by biogas, photovoltaic, and geothermal energy.

More about RVW1

Facility resources & capabilities


rooms for manual visual inspection


machines for automated visual inspection


climate-controlled chambers for stability testing


incubator chambers for microbiological quality control


pallet storage slots, 22,000 room temperature + 13,000 cold-storage


high-bay forklifts that can store and retrieve up to 400 pallets in 12 hours


chest freezers with 566 L storage capacity each

Automatisches Hochregallager

RVW2: Fully automated material storage

Our complex in the Erlen Industrial Area also includes this advanced facility dedicated to management of incoming materials for our aseptic filling sites.

RVW2 serves as the intake and triage point for a wide variety of system components, containers, and other resources needed to process our customers’ products. We maintain the highest possible quality standards when storing and distributing every one of these materials.

More about RVW2

Facility resources & capabilities


driverless shuttles that connect the transfer area with the warehouse storage area


driverless forklifts that operate between storage shelves

~100k m³

of high-bay storage area (H: 14 m, W: 62 m, L: 112 m)


pallet slots in room temperature storage area

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