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Directions Ravensburg

Vetter in Ravensburg

Directions to the Vetter locations in Ravensburg.


Visitor Address and Postal Address for:

1Vetter Pharma International GmbH
vetter germany ravensburg headquarterEywiesenstrasse 5
88212 Ravensburg
Tel.: +49-751-3700-0
Fax: +49-751-3700-4000
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Postal Address for:

2Vetter Pharma-Fertigung GmbH & Co. KG
vetter germany ravensburg gmp production siteSchuetzenstrasse 87
88212 Ravensburg
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More locations in Ravensburg:

vetter germany ravensburg engineering site 3Im Kammerbruehl 24
88212 Ravensburg
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vetter germany ravensburg site 4Schuetzenstrasse 76
88212 Ravensburg
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vetter germany ravensburg secondary packaging assembly site 6aMooswiesen 2, RVS
88214 Ravensburg
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vetter germany ravensburg gmp production site6bMooswiesen 2, VSP
4 Ravensburg
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vetter germany ravensburg visual inspection logistic site 7Helmut-Vetter-Strasse 10
88213 Ravensburg
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vetter germany ravensburg administration site 8Im Wiesental 7
88212 Ravensburg
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2Reception area - Entrance to Im Kammerbruehl 24 and Schuetzenstrasse 87

How to find Vetter in Ravensburg:
Driving directions to the visitor address Eywiesenstrasse 5

If you need additional information regarding the directions, you can call us at +49-(0)751-3700 0.

Ravensburg is situated in the South-West of Germany at a distance of about 25km from „Lake Constance“. It is very close to Switzerland and Austria. You will find the Vetter company at Eywiesenstrasse 5, D-88212 Ravensburg. Please look out for the car dealer “Wald” which is nearby.

Arrival by plane and car:

  • Arrival at Friedrichshafen airport:
    It will take about 20 minutes to Ravensburg (taxi rate: about 25.00€).

Arrival at Zurich airport:

  • Please take the route (it takes about 2 hours):
    Zurich - Winterthur - Kreuzlingen (Swiss-German border) - Konstanz -car-ferry via Meersburg - Markdorf – Ravensburg.
    Attention: European or Swiss money will be needed for the car-ferry
  • or alternatively the route:
    Zurich - Winterthur - Schaffhausen - (Swiss-German border) - Singen - Meersburg (highway B 33) - Markdorf – Ravensburg 

Arrival at Stuttgart airport:

exit: Ulm-West via Friedrichshafen - Ravensburg (highway B 30)
This route takes about 2 hours.

  • Please take the motorway „A 8“ via Ulm.

  • After reaching Ravensburg from Friedrichshafen or Zurich, please take the direction to Weingarten - Ulm.
  • Should you come from Stuttgart-Ulm, please take the direction to Ravensburg - Friedrichshafen.
  • Please take exit Ravensburg Nord.
    After reaching the Ravensburg station you can reach Vetter in a walking distance of 15 minutes.